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"Downton Abbey" Interior Colors: Paint Inspiration

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Popular culture often inspires interior design concepts for the home. Fans of the British drama “Downton Abbey” may long to make their homes look similar to the plush interiors featured on the show.

“Downton Abbey” interior colors can help you recreate the early 20th century, no matter how small your castle may be.

Period colors

The interior design industry is putting together premium paint colors and trends that can help transform your living room into the sitting room where the Dowager Countess of Grantham exchanges barbs with Isobel Crawley.

Pastel colors can recreate this look in your home and make even a small space seem more grand and spacious. Adding gold trim to fixtures and doorways can give the appearance of having gobs of money, just as the Crawleys would want it.

“Downton Abbey” interior colors are growing in popularity, and paint companies such as Kelly-Moore are identifying their best “Downton Abbey”-inspired colors. The colors chosen to recreate the splendor of this era include deep greens, tones of beige, dark grays and even a dark mauve.

You can have fun trying to choose the paint color that would go best with your favorite characters. Lady Sybil might go with a bold color to set herself apart from the rest of the family, while Lady Mary might choose something traditional and understated.

Of course, you may be fond of the domestic staff on the show, so you may want to choose a light and clean color, such as a pale beige, that will give a room the appearance of being neat and tidy.

License: Creative Commons

License: Creative Commons

Inspiration from the walls

When looking at “Downton Abbey” interior colors, you may find inspiration in detailed patterns that can be applied to the walls. Damask was very popular during this era, and you can see it throughout the upstairs chambers in the Abbey.

Your painting contractor can help you determine which types of interior paints and primer would be needed to complete this popular look without driving up the costs of your project.

New meets old

Even though you want to recreate the bygone era of “Downton Abbey,” you can use modern paint technology to make your paint job more environmentally friendly.

Talk to your contractor about the pros and cons of using paints with zero volatile organic compounds for your project. These zero-VOC paints can be used for interior painting projects or to give your home a new exterior finish.

Ask your contractor to include the prices for zero- to low-VOC paints and primer in your “Downton Abbey” paint project estimate. Have him break out costs too by parts of the room. For instance, walls, trim, ceilings and similar.

If you are a fan of “Downton Abbey” for its intricately designed sets and you wish that you could live in the Abbey for just one day, you may want to use “Downton Abbey” interior colors to bring a bit of the old English tradition into your home.

Before you sit down for high tea, find painting contractors who can provide you with free estimates for turning your home into a mini-Abbey.

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