New mobility pension for european researchers

New mobility pension for european researchers

The European Commission has launched his new program to incentive mobility across the european borders between researchers. While have a..

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Impressive decline in wildlife population

Impressive decline in wildlife population

World Wildlife Fund issues 10th edition of “The Living Planet Report”, a science-based assessment of the planet’s health, just to..

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Southeast Asia Is Sinking: What’s Being Done To Help?

In the past decades, flooding has become a more prominent concern than ever. Climate change and population increase are taking a toll on..

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Justifiable Homicide Rates Jump 200% In Florida

The advent of stand-your-ground laws throughout the nation has been something of import for a number of different individuals. Obviously,..

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The Most Expensive Floods In US History

There have been many floods that stand out in the history of the United States. The worst of them have cost Americans immensely, both in..

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Former Baltimore City Firefighter Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking of a Minor

BALTIMORE—Jamar Marvin Simmons, a/k/a “Mar,” age 30, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty today to sex trafficking of a minor in connection..

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The Power Of Street Art

In terms of reaching the masses with your political or satirical comment, what better way than street art? Some of the best artists receive..

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Bomb Dogs – Maintaining Public Safety

Bomb sniffing dogs have played an important role in maintaining public safety since they were first introduced to the police force. While..

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Cost of coastal floods expected to soar for US, China

View the article’s original source Author: Andrew Duff-Southampton Average global flood losses in 2005, estimated at about $6 billion..

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CIA’s declassified documents reveals secrets about Area 51 and UFOs

View the article’s original source Author: admin   Area 51 shows up in Google Earth. Via Google Maps. The CIA has released..

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