Long March 5B launch

An out-of-control Chinese space rocket approaches Earth

A space rocket, used to carry to its destination some of the parts of the future Chinese Space Station, is out of control on its return trip to Earth....
Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine confirmed to need a third booster dose

The vaccine developed by BioNTech and Pfizer, which is administered in two doses, will require a third dose after nine months, ideally up to twelve months - at the...
Burma coup detat 2021 protesters

Coup d’état in Burma, repression and risk of civil war

Burma is not getting back on its feet. The situation in the country since the military coup d'état of February 1 is getting worse as the days go by,...
IT downtime

How Could IT Downtime Be Impacting Your Business?

IT downtime is something that happens to most businesses at one time or another, but the impacts on your business can be enormous. The obvious impacts are on customers trying...
Niger yihadist

Government of Niger raises death toll in latest massacre to 137 (but those black...

The Government of Niger raised to 137 the death toll in the massacre committed on Sunday in the region of Tahoua (bordering Mali), and also reported a large number...
Miami Beach Spring Break

Miami Beach declares state of emergency for out-of-control spring break parties

Miami Beach was declared in a state of emergency this Saturday due to the large crowds that formed during spring break. Thousands of partygoers clustered in the streets, without respecting...