Elon Musk

Elon Musk to found Starbase, a city in Texas to house his companies and...

Elon Musk's initiatives hardly go unnoticed, either because of how curious, innovative and/or eccentric they can be. Recently, the SpaceX CEO confirmed that he is getting into a new...
Fall Guys

Epic Games acquires Mediatonic studio, developers of battle royale Fall Guys

With Epic Games it has been clear on more than one occasion that when it sets its sights on something, it goes for it headlong. This has been demonstrated...
Bill Gates

Bill Gates predicts when normal travel will be possible again

Entrepreneur and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has once again made a prediction, but now he has pronounced himself on when we will be able to travel normally again. Gates'...
Green eye

What is cataract surgery like?

Cataracts are one of the conditions that affect the eyes and are usually related to age. However, they can also be caused by genetic factors, trauma or the consumption...
Ingenuity helicopter

The Ingenuity helicopter has also reached Mars in perfect condition

In the midst of all the excitement about Perseverance's arrival on Mars and the presentation of the spectacular video of its arrival, we had missed the announcement that the...

Nutriscore: what is it and how does this nutritional traffic light work?

The Nutriscore traffic light is a model based on a five-color logo associated with five letters that describe five classes of nutritional quality. Also known as the 5-color or...