Microsoft wants the entry level smartphone market and it’s doing it properly


The new Microsoft Lumia 435 is a correct step of Microsoft in the fight for the entry level smartphones market. While other companies are fighting around the integration of more useless features or putting more megapixels in a camera, the Richmond company tries to repeat its success in the PC market under the same mantra: one smartphone in every pocket. That can’t be done with terminals over 500$ but is pretty affordable with devices under 70$. The features are basic but are enough for the 90% of the users around the world.

Microsoft Lumia 435

Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 will begin rolling out to key markets in Europe, APAC and IMEA in February. Both devices will be available in bright green, bright orange, white and black, and will be available in single- and dual-SIM variants, with the latter SIM setup also coming equipped with Smart Dual SIM to easily manage calls and texts to either number in use. Pricing will vary by market and operator, but is estimated to be around 69 euros before taxes and subsidies for Lumia 435 and around 79 euros before taxes and subsidies for Lumia 532.

With many people looking to upgrade from a feature phone to a smartphone for the first time, Lumia 435 and Lumia 532 provide a balance of features and power, while also bringing Windows Phone 8.1 experiences to new price points. Lumia 435 is the first 400 series Lumia and the most affordable Lumia yet. With core smartphone features, Windows Phone experiences and access to the latest apps, it opens up the Lumia Windows Phone experience to even more people. Lumia 532 is a powerful quad-core smartphone that builds on the success of the Lumia 530. With a premium layered design, Glance Screen, front-facing camera and more memory than the Lumia 530, Lumia 532 enables people to achieve their goals with Microsoft experiences:


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