A free backup software can help you to migrate your whole computer


Don’t you find it hard to discover the best free backup software that is available out there in the market? Let’s say you just bought a brand new and speedy solid state drive, surely there’s a better way to migrate windows 7 to ssd right?

Then you should take a look at EaseUs Todo Backup which is the world’s most popular backup solution. With more than 6 million users, no wonder it is one of the best free backup software.

Not only does it allows you to easily migrate windows 7 to ssd without requiring you to reinstall your existing Windows operating system and all your apps and games, it is very easy to use. There’s the one-click feature which would then back up your entire OS, files and applications. It is definitely a reliable backup and recovery software for home users. And it is also scalable which allows you to perform backup, disk clone and disaster recovery. No wonder it is dubbed the best free backup software.

EaseUS backup

Some of the key features that can be found in this best free backup software is System Backup. It can back up your entire system including all your applications, games, configurations and Operating System in one compressed file. Then we have Disk Imaging which allows for block-level disk imaging. This can quickly and efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes.

Next is File Backup which is a file-level backup that allows you to specify the specific files, folders or file types that needs to be backed up, including network shared files. With Migration and Clone feature, this is where you can easily migrate windows 7 to ssd. This ensures that you can start using the brand new ssd in just a few minutes, rather than hours or days previously.

Finally we have the Browse Image File feature which typically means that you can browse all your backups with Windows Explorer and simply copy-paste all the files and folders.

EaseUs Todo Backup is the best free backup software that is highly recommended by the software experts. You got nothing to lose but everything to gain by using this handy application especially if you are looking to migrate windows 7 to ssd in a flash.


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