Three Must-Know Fashion Tips for Big and Tall Men


While most people wouldn’t associate fashion with large, grizzly bear-like 250-pound men who stand over six feet tall, a lot of big and tall men pay more attention to the clothes they buy than people of any other body type. Fortunately, if you’re tired of looking around hopelessly at the local department store trying to find something that will accommodate your uncommon size, try heeding the following three basics of big and tall men’s fashion and you should be able to construct a wardrobe that will facilitate a great look on any occasion:

Elegant tall man

1. Put Comfort and Fit First

A lot of bigger men tend to make the mistake of choosing big and tall men’s clothing in sizes that are slightly too big or small, with the goal of either covering up some extra pounds with excess fabric, or motivating themselves to do so with a smaller size.

However, compromising a perfect fit will only reduce your comfort in the long run. Plus, a perfectly tailored shirt always looks better than one that is slightly baggy or too tight. In addition to size, the type of fabric used also plays a huge role in whether the clothes will shrink, and how they will adhere to your larger frame.

Thus, the moral of big and tall fashion tip #1 is: Go for smooth, lightweight fabrics and sizes that let you have a full range of motion. This even includes wearing a hat, a flap cap made from linen or polyester is stylish, while being so light, you barely notice it.

2. Wear Mid-Rise Pants, At Your Waist

One of the best ways big and tall men can complement their body type is to wear mid-rise pants around their natural waistline, slightly above the hips.

Wearing your pants in this configuration will allow the fabric to cover any extra weight you’re trying to conceal, without making you look larger than you really are, as would be the case with low-rise or high-rise pants. Try to avoid pants that have pleats, which will only serve to bulk up your overall look.

Finally, avoid pants that are tapered or narrow towards the bottom, and ensure that the legs are wide and long enough to accommodate all walking and sitting motions.

3. Stick to V-necks, Jackets, and Dark Colours

A simple change like wearing V-necks instead of crew necks or other types of t-shirts can do a lot to make a big and tall man look leaner, while also highlighting the breadth of your chest area. Jackets are another great addition to the big and tall wardrobe, because they’re flexible, can be used with a variety of t-shirt types, and bolster your image of masculinity by adding structured bulk to your profile.

Finally, many larger men notice that dark colours look better on them, probably because the low level of contrast hides unsightly extra weight and gives the appearance of a more up-and-down look, which can be helpful if you have a few pounds on the belly that you’re trying to shed.

In addition to following the above tips, you can also check out big and tall men’s clothing pictures on sites like Pinterest, or read relevant fashion magazines to get some inspiration.


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