Five Perfect Reasons to Go Boating


Boating might not be the first thing you think of when you have the chance to spend some recreational time. But it should be so let’s weigh the anchor and cast off with five reasons to go boating.

Escape the Crowds

What better way to relax than to jump on a boat and leave all the stress and hassle of everyday life behind on the shore. No one is going to bother you and you can get some well deserved peace. Not only will you feel relaxed, it is also a great way to work. If you need to concentrate on writing your next novel, or just stare at the clouds as they go by, just remember to put your cell phone on silent.

Boating with family

Explore Nature

Boating takes you to places often inaccessible by foot, especially coves and small islands. This gives you an opportunity to see wildlife up close, in their own natural habitat. Watch birds diving for fish or even Orca if you’re lucky. Where else would you be able to get close to killer whales than on a boat. Though you must remember you are in their territory so must make sure you observe the ‘Be Whale Wise Guidelines.’

Enjoy the Company of Friends

If you have really good friends, or you need time to bond with new ones, there’s no better way than to share a boat together. Sailing as a group develops team work and brings you closer together. You learn how to communicate effectively and can strengthen relationships. It needn’t be a group, even two people sharing kayak or even a pedal boat can gain from the experience.

Health Benefits

There are health benefits attached to boating. For one, you aren’t subject to fumes from automobiles and fast food outlets. It is well known that sea air helps you sleep, and is regarded to have curative powers for a multitude of ailments such as cystic fibrosis. You are also constantly exercising due to the constant movement of the boat, even when anchored, as the boat rocks and rolls. For a complete work out though, there is nothing better than paddling a kayak or canoe.

Spending Time with Your Kids

In modern times, youngsters of today are usually found with their heads buried in their games consoles or smart phones. Getting your kids to even do the smallest chores can be a battle. Take them on a ‘pirate adventure’ however and they’ll soon forget that the internet ever existed. You cease to be parents and instead become captain and first mate. You can organise with other boating friends to have a mock battle or just try to out sail each other and escape with the booty from your last conquest.

Whatever pursuit you wish to take, whether it be power boating, sailing or just having a lazy day fishing, you will want to get a Canadian Boating License to operate your craft, as this will give you an understanding of the rules and safety regulations. Once you have your license, you are then equipped with the knowledge to have a safe and enjoyable time.


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