How a High School Athlete Can Become a Professional Football Player


American professional football is one of the most physical and demanding sports on the planet; it is also a sport that pays a majority of its athletes over 1 million dollars a year. Only a small percentage of athletes ever get a chance to play pro football but there are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting there and those really need to start at the high school level to make it work. Here are some things you can do that will help you improve your chances to play professional football.

Football player

Practice, Practice and then Practice Some More

To maximize your talent you need to practice all you can and then practice some more. When you are done with your regular drills with the team stay late and catch passes, run, work out and anything else you can do to make yourself better and perfect the good skills you already possess. There is no such thing as you have gotten enough practice. Just when you think you have done enough reps for one day, go ahead and do a few more.

Maximize Your Body’s Potential

Other than a few bulky linemen, most pro football players are shining examples of what it means to have lean muscle mass. The only way you will get there is to discipline yourself when you eat and work out to improve your physical ability to perform. That means you have to hit the weight room, do exercises that burn off extra fat and eat right. You need to consume foods that help your energy level but don’t build up fat. It won’t kill you to have a donut once in a while, just don’t have three or four of them.

Take Participation on Your High School Team Seriously

Take your high school practices and games seriously, they will help you improve and hone your skills. Play just as hard in practice as you do in a game and lead by example instead of being a follower. Even if you don’t make it to the pros, with hard work and the help of companies like, you may just land yourself a nice scholarship to play college football in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Watch and Learn

There is a reason why college and pro football players watch so much game film; it helps give them the mental edge they need to succeed. Often times there is not much difference in skills between a professional football player and a good college player that couldn’t make the pros; it usually comes down to the mental awareness of the game that separates the two. Studying the sport helps you to anticipate better and react more quickly to what is happening around you in a game.

There is never a guarantee that these things will get you into pro football for sure, but it is pretty much guaranteed that you won’t ever play pro football if you don’t do them.


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