What to Buy Your Tween Daughter to Wear to a Summer Wedding


Wedding season is well and truly upon us, and while picking out your own outfit when you are a wedding guest can be a lot of fun, choosing clothes for your kids can be somewhat more stressful!

With a daughter, it may seem like only yesterday you were picking out adorable flouncy dresses with big bows and fixing her hair into gorgeous curls, but if she is now in the ‘tween’ category (aged around 11-13), it can be a bit harder to pick formal or party wear. She’s not quite old enough to pull of the more grown up styles teens can wear (and, unless she’s a very early developer, probably isn’t the right shape yet for teen dresses), but also too old to dress up like a little princess! So what should you, as the mom of a tween girl, consider buying?

Teen Portrait
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Cute Separates

Even for the most formal weddings, dresses are not compulsory if you are a guest (rather than a bridesmaid). This can be helpful if your daughter is not usually a big fan of dresses, as many tweens tend not to be due to the previously mentioned shape issues. If you go for separates, a skirt is a more formal option, and you can choose something with lace layers or ruffles, or a fashionable maxi style to give it more of a ‘party’ feel. If she insists on wearing pants, however, you need to make sure the top she wears is suitably formal, pretty or glitzy, depending on the wedding dress code. Sequin tops can be a cute, young, fun option, or look for something with pretty beading, lace details, or a floaty, chiffon fabric. This can allow her to look dressy without straying too far from her fashion comfort zone if she usually lives in jeans and t-shirts!

Dresses That Work

If she’d rather wear a dress, or the wedding is extremely formal and there isn’t any other choice (because a tween in a suit would look ridiculous!), then you need to look for styles that flatter her shape. Strapless, spaghetti strap or halter neck styles may look great on slightly older girls, but tweens tend not to be able to fill them out on top and can end up looking odd in these cuts. A scoop or V neck can look nice, as can a wrap dress style. When it comes to length, anything except a micro mini is acceptable for most weddings, but a maxi can be a good choice as it looks dressy while also being comfortable and flattering on almost all body shapes.

Of course, your daughter will probably want to have some input into the outfit she will be wearing, but tweens quite often haven’t quite developed the knack of picking out things that suit them yet, and so it can be a very good idea to look out for some styles you think are appropriate before you shop with her so you can guide her!


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