5 ways to use drones for aerial photography


There are a number of ways you can effectively use your drone for aerial photography. Once you’ve mastered how to operate and fly your drone to get the best photos, the opportunities are endless when it comes to what and how you can shoot. Here are five examples of ways to use your drone for aerial photography.

1. Real Estate

Drones are often used to capture photos of entire areas of cities, subdivisions of houses, and prospective areas for development. They are the best means of getting effective photography of large areas.

Drone for aerial photography

2. Natural Disaster Monitoring

If there is a large forest fire, flood, volcanic eruption, or any other natural disaster that would be dangerous to find yourself in the center of, drones are a great way to get photographs of such events.

3. Environmental surveillance

For many nature photographers, it’s helpful to have the use of a drone when photographing animal populations, large bodies of water, mountain ranges, etc. Drones are a safe and easy way to capture spectacular images at a distance.

4. Job site inspections

Inspecting oil pipelines, industrial zones, power cables, wind turbines, infrastructure, as gas lines is much easier and safer when using a drone. This is effective when mapping out job sites, or inspecting the safety of a large and potentially dangerous work area.

5. Documenting crashes and accidents

Plane or train crashes, ship collisions, or car crashes can be safely and accurately documented using a drone. One of the biggest advantages of operating a drone remotely is the ability to enter and photograph an area that may be unsafe, especially when a crash has taken place.

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