Moving to Windows 10? What about a free backup software to walk in the safe side?


Have you just upgraded to the latest Windows 10? Congratulations then. But since it is a new operating system, do you know that you will have a tough time to find compatible software for it? Don’t worry as we have the best backup software for you that can act as a windows 10 system backup.

If you also need help on how to clone hdd to ssd , then the solution is right here. Introducing to you EaseUs Todo Backup Free 8.5 which is the best backup software around at the moment. It also happens to be the world’s most popular free backup software with more than 6 million users worldwide. It is a very safe and practical backup & recovery software that offers windows 10 system backup, disk clone and disaster recovery solution. All this is made easier with the 1-click system which can automate the entire files and applications backup.

EaseUS Windows 10 backup

The latest version 8.5 comes with a lot of new features and updates. One of that, this best backup software is now able to create a highly efficient 64-bit WinPE bootable disk so that you can keep your data safe no matter what the situation is. The success rate of a system recovery and system clone on a GPT drive is now much higher. Plus this latest version is Windows 10 compatible, hence becoming the windows 10 system backup choice for many users.

Among the features that makes EaseUS Todo Backup to be the best backup software is System Backup. It allows you to back up your entire system which includes applications, configurations and operating system in a single compressed file. Then we have Disk Imaging which is a block-level disk imaging that can quickly and easily back up all of your disks and volumes.

If you prefer to do by bits and pieces, then you can proceed with the File Backup which allows you to choose the specific files, folders or file types. This would save you previous time and space.

Next we have the Migration and Clone feature which helps you in terms of how to clone hdd to ssd. It just takes a few simple clicks and you’re set to go. It provides a fast, easy and safe option for a system upgrade.

With EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.5, it is the best backup software available in the market right now. The best part is that it is free and very easy to use as a windows 10 system backup . The simple step-by-step guide makes how to clone hdd to ssd a very easy task that can be completed within minutes.


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