When Dissolving a Marital Union is Inevitable


The percentages are probably very high that most couples don’t get married with the intention of “…’til divorce do us part… Unfortunately, and often after various attempts have failed, a couple reaches the realization the only way for them to have a satisfying life is for each to follow a separate path.

Where to Begin

Whether it’s been a few short years or decades of togetherness, possessions acquired during a couple’s partnership have to be divided. Laws pertaining to divorce are not the same for every state, so while divorce websites can offer general tips, they cannot offer specifics for a particular state or a couple’s unique situation. Some law firms have national ties with offices in many states. However, state specifics such as those found on a Cordell and Cordell site or other nationwide law firms must still be absorbed with a caveat; what is considered normal procedure in one state may not exist in one across the state line or across the country. Initially, websites are a good place to begin because they offer broad based information, which encompasses a wide range of possibilities. There is no substitute for personally conferring with an attorney experienced in family law. He or she can become familiar with each client’s distinct circumstances, plus they are well acquainted with the residing state’s divorce laws.


Factors to Consider

Everyday material possessions may be the easiest to consider when the time comes to make the actual division. Real estate, investments, retirements, and other financial accounts may well be more difficult to equitable distribute. Minor children, and even pets, present different dilemmas. It’s prudent to address as many issues as possible rather than have to return to amend the original divorce decree when a problem arises. This is where the experience of an attorney will benefit their client. They learn from previous cases and networking with other lawyers about matters and disputes that can be negotiated into a settlement, while keeping their client’s best interests in the forefront.

An attorney invests time and concern in their clients, but can remain emotionally detached from the divorce proceedings because they were not emotionally attached to the other party. Clients need someone to look out for them and ensure the time and investment they have made in their partner is fairly compensated.


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