Tips to Prepare Your Teen For University


Your teen will soon depart for university, so they may begin the extension of their academic education and their life as an independent adult. The university environment will provide them with social and intellectual tools that will guide them through this time of growth. However, your teen will also encounter many trials and tribulations, for which they must navigate responsibly. Here are the best ways you can help your teen prepare for the exhilarating adventure that lies ahead.


The curriculum standards and expectations are raised significantly in university, compared to secondary school. Without your constant parental support and encouragement, your child will have to rely on their own diligent and effective study methods for academic success. Equip your child with instructive materials, so they may be self-sufficient and efficacious in their studies. The book, “Ways to Improve Your Study Habits: 50 Plus One” by Stephen Edwards covers the techniques that will yield the best retention of knowledge and information. The book recommends habits that will benefit your teen’s self-confidence, time management and bolster their enthusiasm towards academic achievement. “Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning” by Peter C. Brown delves deeper into the subject of the most lucrative ways to learn. Brown is a captivating story-teller, who draws on recent discoveries in cognitive psychology and builds a foundation of durable techniques for highly effective study habits.

Prepare Your Teen For University


Your teen will be away from home and in a place where they must create a community of friends and school colleagues. Their fellow students may influence them in unhealthy ways and pressure them to engage in harmful or dangerous recreation. Empower your teen with the reminder that they should not compromise their ethics or safety for the benefit of their friends. Discuss the subjects of alcohol consumption and safe sexual practices, so your teen will be prepared if they find themselves in these social situations. has a vast array of alcohol-related facts and subjects you should discuss with your teen.


The university environment can test your teen’s ability to make healthy and responsible decisions. Your teen will soon have control of all the various elements of their lifestyle, which you may have previously supervised or provided. Nutrition and exercise will oftentimes be neglected, when your teen is engaged in the excitement of university life. Tour the university’s recreational facilities with your teen and inquire about the fitness classes and activities made available for students. Encourage enrollment in these classes, so your teen may stay active and engage with healthy-minded peers. Purchase a bicycle for your teen, if they will be at a city university, as a method of convenient and urban-friendly transportation. If your teen will be in attendance at a university in a more rural area, help them obtain a driver’s license so they may have access to adequate transportation. Discuss the responsibility that accompanies driving a vehicle and help them prepare for their driver’s license with online practice exams at


University is the catalyst for your child’s vocational aspirations. They may find difficulty in the decisions they must make towards the declaration of their major and the plans for their career. Before your teen leaves for university, have a sit-down conversation with them about their life plans and what kind of experience and knowledge they hope to gain. Your teen may grapple with existential qualms, which can be aided with career counseling or personality tests. Most importantly, as a parent, you must maintain a willingness to openly listen and support your child as they commence their journey into adulthood.



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