How to Deal with a Direct Lender to Get a Payday Loan


Most people will get a point where they need a loan in order to meet their financial obligations. Unfortunately, we don’t all have thousands in our bank account. Nobody knows when this need will arise, but it is almost guaranteed that it will arise at some point or another.

How to Get a Loan

In the perfect situation, if you need a loan, you go to your bank, put in an application and have the money in your account very quickly. Unfortunately, however, this is now only possible for those people with near perfect credit history, which means the majority of people will be turned down. In fact, the terms of conditions of these types of loans are so stringent that you may just as well not even bother trying.


There are many loans out there that are specifically designed for people with bad credit, however. This means that not all hope is lost just yet. You could, for instance, look at 123 Money Help – Direct Lender and apply for a payday loan. However, even these types of lenders have terms and conditions that you have to meet, and you will have to look into these. Some of the things to remember, therefore, include:

  • You will usually have to prove that you have a paying job.

  • Your financial history does play a role, although many will not run a credit check.

  • The better your credit history, the better the rates of the loan you can get will be.

Things to Check before You Apply

Before you apply for a loan, whether it is a payday loan or a bank loan, there are a few things you should always check:

  • What are the rates and terms? You need to know exactly how much you will be paying back, when and why.

  • What is the reputation of the lender? Have people in similar situations to you had good experiences with them? Try to find this type of information through independent, outside sources. Do also speak to people you know and ask if they have used any lender.

  • Do they have a professional website? Make sure you check the FAQs and the About Us section of their website, as well as the testimonials. Do also check they are definitely a direct lender and not a broker.

  • Read the fine print. Remember that this is your money that is on the line. You want to make sure that you won’t get swindled and that you are not paying more than you should. Particularly if you have bad credit, you will likely be made to feel as if you should thank your lucky stars is someone offers you a loan, regardless of how bad the terms are. In reality, however, it is thanks to people like you that lenders are still in business, so don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy.

Be careful with your money and try to manage it as good as you possibly can. A loan should be a last resort option.


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