A Boiler Checklist to Follow before You Call for Help


When the boiler goes out in your London home, the cosy atmosphere turns to despair, and your family becomes upset with the temperature in your home, you’ll feel a panic begin to take over. Before you rush to call a gas engineer for his assistance, you may want to use the checklist below so that you can determine wherein your problem lies and if you can fix the situation yourself. Keep in mind that many engineers will be busy helping other clients and if you can provide information that can expedite his call-out to your home you’ll be saving time, money, and effort for everyone.

  1. Before you call your gas engineer for a boiler repair in London, you should first check the power supply to your boiler. Is the fuse blown or has your circuit breaker tripped and simply needs to be reset? These are quick fixes that you can do yourself to save an expensive visit from a professional who will only do what you can do yourself.

    Boiler repair checklist

  2. Have you checked the reset button on your boiler? Many boiler systems have this type of safety device that just needs to be reset so that it can continue to work properly. If you don’t know where the reset button is located, check your owner’s manual for instructions to find and reset this handy button. This is another reason to read your owner’s manual completely when you first have the boiler installed; should an emergency arise you will immediately know what to do and where each helpful device is located.

  3. The experts at http://www.bbsplumbandheat.com/maintenance also recommend that you understand the heating controls as well as timers, thermostats, and programmers so that you will know how these interact with your boiler. Sometimes these remote devices simply stop sending signals which can be a problem; if a button is pressed by mistake, your heat and hot water can be impacted which will be a problem for your home.

  4. Another area to check is your gas supply. You may want to reset the button on your gas meter or check to see if you have extinguished your credit if you use a card in your payment meter. By topping up your credit and reinserting the credit card you can once again begin to use your boiler for heat and water in your home.

  5. Finally, you should check the system pressure for your boiler system. Find the pressure gauge, check where the bar is located, and determine if the pressure is low. This is an area where you should consult a professional gas engineer who can come and remedy the problem for you. Again, once you have located the problem when you speak to the expert on the phone you can inform him that you have found a pressure problem that needs addressing. This will help him prepare for the call-out to your home and expedite the service that you receive.


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