Getting the Work-Life Balance Right in Swindon


If you are one of the growing numbers of employees in the UK who knows what it feels like to be stressed out and burned out at work, you will be interested in preserving a better work-life balance in the future. An effective balance between the hours spent in the office and your free time contributes towards a better quality of life, and a more productive job. Outside of London, for example in Swindon, you have a better chance of finding the valuable work-life balance. Here are a few ways living and working in Swindon provides a better life for you and your family.

Working in Swindon

When you work in Swindon you are not likely to have a long commute, meaning you get to spend more time at home with your family or socialising with friends. Compared to working in London and commuting into the city, a job in Swindon offers less time on the road or on the train. Workplaces in Swindon are often more attractive, better designed, and more comfortable than in bigger cities. In addition, Swindon offices probably have better views – particularly when you are located on the edge of town in the countryside. Here you have access to the town’s amenities but you can enjoy a greener, quieter environment in which to work. When your workplace surroundings are pleasant, you are more productive and happier in your job.

Picture by Roger Cornfoot
Picture by Roger Cornfoot/Wikimedia

Activities and Leisure in Swindon

A great work-life balance includes an active, enjoyable social life or life outside of work. Swindon has a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs to enjoy whatever your style. Plus, you can visit the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery for regular exhibitions and shows, and the Arts Centre and the Wyvern Theatre. The STEAM museum is a record of the Great Western Railway, and there is also the museum of computing and Roves Farm to explore.

Shopping in Swindon

Swindon has an attractive mix of modern stores including all the chains you expect, plus an older area of the town where you can find traditional stores and boutiques. The town centre is pedestrianized and creates a welcoming space for getting your shopping done at the weekend or during your lunch hour. A good work-life balance includes the ability to get chores done easily, making more time for leisure, and shopping is one of the tasks you can complete without much hassle in Swindon.

Fitness and Health in Swindon

Achieving a good work-life balance also means looking after your health, and making sure you have the time and the opportunity to exercise and take part in sports or fitness activities. When you leave the office Swindon provides a good deal of choice in terms of gyms, space outside for running and walking, sports clubs, and fitness activities at local leisure centres and private fitness clubs. A healthy worker is a productive worker, and Swindon employees exemplify this.


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