6 Ways to Bring Invigorating Scent to Your Shower


Some days you need a little extra pick me up and incentive to get out of bed and on the way to work. Even the hottest shower may not be enough to tempt you from your duvet. What you need is a scent injection – here are some simple additions you can make to your bathroom to improve your shower experience.

1. Add Bunches of Dried Herbs

Dried herbsTie together a bunch of fragrant dried herbs and keep them in the shower stall. The steam will release the scent from the herbs and the addition of drops of water will enhance the effect.

2. Invest in a Steam Shower with Added Aromatherapy

Modern steam showers come with the ability to put aromatherapy oils into the steam supply, thus creating an instant scent immersion whenever you turn on the jets. Investing in a new steam shower from a supplier like http://www.jtspas.co.uk/steam-showers-2158-c.asp for the bathroom not only gives you scent, but you get the benefits of the steam which are ideal for relaxation, circulation, and improving the immune system. Plus, it’s an easy way to make your bathroom smell nice with the simple trick of inserting a few drops of essential oil into the shower.

3. Drops of Essential Oil Also Work

If you don’t have a steam shower, you can give a boost to your bathroom by simply adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils into the water as it gets hot. You won’t get such a long-lasting or effective diffusion of scent but it is a quick way to add some sweet smells to the air. Another good way of adding a burst of scent is to create your own air freshener made with essential oils to spray when you are in the shower, before you get in, or afterwards while the bathroom is still hot and steamy.

4. Tea Bags in the Shower?

One trick for putting a little extra scent in the air is to actually shower with a tea bag at your feet – a herbal or fruit tea bag will get wet and release its aromas into the shower. Again, this is not as effective as the all-over aromatherapy diffusion you get with a steam shower but it does make things smell a little nicer.

5. Use Bath Salts and Bubble Bath

Strongly scented bath salts and bubble bath are not only for the bath – if you sprinkle a few salts at the base of the shower, or use bubble bath as a shower gel you make a scented impact in the bathroom. Just be careful not to use anything too slippery or grainy on the base of the shower where you stand.

6. Add Fresh Flowers

A great way to get your bathroom smelling fresh is with the simple addition of bunches of freshly picked flowers. Choose blooms with a strong scent and place them close to the shower to get the most effect from steam on the blossoms.

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