Splitting that divide


For generations homeowners have been looking at ways to remove the division between internal and external space. Windows were added to homes to let the light in and give views to the garden, before doors were also used at the rear of the property to allow for ease of access. Now however, through technological advancements and a high demand from the general public, the bi-folding door has become the door of choice across the UK to help split that divide.

By completely opening up the space, any natural split is removed and seamless movement between internal and external environments is created. Whilst the doors have become something of a phenomenon in the house building and renovation industry, in reality their popularity is not a surprise.

Many families all around the world love the feeling of freedom and thus when people go on holiday and they can spend more time outside in warmer weather (usually), they enjoy their time more. It is little surprise then that families have tried as best possible to replicate that feeling within their own home. either in the typical american backyard or the clasical british rear garden.

The bi-folding door, through its concertina effect, helps create that freedom of tropical or European living. Be creating the seamless passage between the home and the garden, family’s get the benefits of additional space, natural lighting, open planned living and also health benefits, which are often not discussed. These benefits include the inclusion of more fresh air into the home, which has multiple health advantages, and the lack of visible divides which could have psychological benefits too.

The popularity of the door also comes from its increased curb appeal over French or patio doors. Whilst all doors looking very impressive, there is something very striking about opening up a home with bi-folding doors. Whether it is the concertina effect or just the free space it creates, nothing quite looks as good afterwards. This has also caught the attention of homeowners in the UK, as no-one wants to look worse than their neighbours, again explaining some of the major influxes recently.

This influx does however not mean the end of the sliding door or patio door as bi-folds do come with a price, but it has meant that they are not being used so widely. You will see however arrangements where sliding and bi-folding doors may be working together in partnership to help create stunning pieces of architecture, primarily in a commercial setting.

For the past 50 years, French doors and patio doors have been used by house builders to minimise the barriers between internal and external living. However this new product has completely revolutionised the division we seen between home and gardens and helped females all over the UK make a once clear line fuzzier.

If you are looking to get that free movement feel at your home, you should speak to a professional bi-folding company, like northern based Clear View in Yorkshire, who can advise on the best steps to help you achieve this. Whether it’s a small change to your home or a big one it could significantly impact the sense of freedom within your own home.


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