Important Factors to Keep in Mind when Designing Your Roller Banner


One of the best ways in which your company can get noticed in any event or circumstance – be it a trade show, an exhibition, a networking conference, or even just at point-of-sale is to have a banner that clearly showcases what it is you have to offer. If you have a new product, for example, you will certainly give it the attention it needs by promoting it in a full-blown banner display complete with banner lights and other attention-grabbing methods, such as free samples and the like. If you just opened in a new location, on the other hand, you can advertise this on a banner simply by using an arrow (and some nice graphics, of course), and including details like your exact address and even email and social media accounts.

Banners have different uses, and it’s time you take advantage of this. But if you are thinking of designing your banner, there are some essential factors to remember as well.

Painting a big bannerImportant considerations for the images on your banner

First of all, whatever you do, do not save anything on Microsoft Office – this will not turn out to be good quality text or image when it is printed by the banner printing service. Since the standard size of a roller banner is usually 2000 millimetres by 800 millimetres, whatever images there are need to be around 300 dpi (for actual size). If the images are less than this, the quality of the print will suffer and will have a tendency to become blurred and extra grainy. If you are saving a file for your banner, it is also better to save it as CMYK rather than RGB so it can print properly.

The text placement for your banner

No matter what type of design you ultimately choose for your banner, where you place it plays an important role as well. For instance, if the banner you are having made will be used at an exhibition or trade show with a table right in front of the banner, then keep in mind that whatever message or details are below the height of the table will no longer be seen.

If you have a primary message on your banner, it should also be placed at a higher position so anyone can see it clearly, even from some distance away. Furthermore, if you are planning to use your logo on your banner (and this is highly recommended), it is better to place it in the top half of your roller banner so anyone can see it clearly.

When it comes to branding, you should make it a point to be consistent as well. And whilst text is important, it is equally important not to overdo it. Most of your target audience will view your banner only from a certain distance, anyway. If you are planning to include your company’s contact details, it is also a good idea to place them on the top half of the banner, near the middle. But some experts also think that as long as the contact details are clear and easily seen, these can be placed most anywhere, as long as it is not at the extreme bottom. For this, you may have to consider where the banner will be placed as well so you can determine exactly where to put your contact information.

Additional points to consider

The best way to have the ideal banner for your needs is to enlist the services of the experts. Banner printing services such as (visit their website at can help you choose the best banner design and style, whether you need wide roller banners for outdoor use, X-frame banners, standard roller banners, or even cute little desktop banner displays.


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