Self storage isn’t just for industrial use


Today’s self storage facilities are no longer just for businesses looking for a bit of extra space for records and archives that they need to keep safe, although this is still a common use. Nowadays the self storage options are so wide and varying that almost anyone can use them.

Self storage companies cater for almost any kind of storage as long as the goods are not living, perishable, combustible or illegal, and as the storage costs are based on the size of the room you require to house your goods, the costs involved may be smaller than you think.

You can rent storage space the size of a small cupboard or a space the size of a double garage and reputable outlets will advise you on the best way to store your item to ensure that your items fit in to the smallest space possible.

Most self storage facilities are in or near city centres and should offer easy but secure access. This is perfect if you require frequent access to your belongings or you wish to add and remove items from your storage space at your leisure. The rooms can then be used to store anything from furniture (if you are moving house) to surplus office items such as archives that you simply don’t have space for.

Getting started

Moving goods into storage is quicker than you think. During office opening hours you can even move your items in on the same day you receive your quotation! To get started you will require the following:

Identification documentation, one of which must be a photo ID such as a driver’s licence or passport. The other can be an item such as a utility bill provided they are dated within the last 3 months.

First invoice payment.

A padlock (these can be purchased from most if necessary).

You will then be provided with your very own indoor storage room. It’s that easy!

Consult the experts

Trusted self storage companies will be available as soon as you arrive at their facility to advise you, answer any queries or questions you may have and help you to complete the relevant paperwork to secure the unit.

Here you can gain knowledge on rules, flexibility and how best to utilise your new space. You can additionally ask for advice, discuss terms and conditions and enquire about some of their other services if necessary.

The lowest price – guaranteed

Whether you are a student looking to store a few items at the end of term, require short term storage while you move home or something more permanent, getting started really is that easy.


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