Top 7 Vietnamese Street Foods You Just Have to Try


Vietnam has a stunning culinary reputation and offers hundreds of different dishes to please all kinds of tastes. One of the most exciting sections of Vietnamese cuisine is street food. Dishes that are quick to prepare and quick to eat feature heavily on the menu of Vietnamese food stalls, restaurants and cafes. Here are some of the Vietnamese treats you must sample, whether you are in Hanoi or London.

Vietnamese foods1. Pho

Surely the Vietnamese dish that everyone has heard about, pho is the street food that is also eaten in the best restaurants like London’s Pho is made from beef bones boiled slowly to make a tasty broth, and seasoned with herbs, spices, and vegetables. Add noodles and some extras like mint, basil, egg, and beansprouts, and you have a delicious dish that is simple as well as being highly delicious. Pho is a popular dinner dish in the UK but in Vietnam people crave it so much they often eat it for breakfast.

2. Bahn Mi

Bahn mi is also known as the Vietnamese baguette. This French baguette-style sandwich is filled with meat pate as well as meat chunks and a selection of fragrant herbs and crispy vegetables. Add chilli sauce or mayonnaise and you have a complete meal which is also easy to eat. You can eat this Vietnamese classic at any time of the day – check out the different baguettes at for some culinary inspiration.

3. Xoi

Xoi is also known as sticky rice and this is a Vietnamese dish that will satisfy any cravings you have for a delicious, warming snack. Xoi can be sweet or savoury depending on how it is prepared, with chicken or pork, black beans, coconut, or peanuts. Because there are so many variations you will never get tired of this Asian classic.

4. Banh Xeo

The Vietnamese stuffed pancakes are a classic you need to try. The idea is simple – a delicious wrap served with a stuffing of pork, shrimp, herbs, bean sprouts and more, the Banh Xeo is light enough for a snack but intensely satisfying because of its complex taste combination.

Nem Cuon5. Nem Cuon

This is the Vietnamese spring roll that is made from near-transparent rice paper and filled with a concoction of shrimp or pork, basil, mint leaves, and thin noodles. These tiny delights are the perfect starter in a restaurant and you can eat them freshly made from street stalls in Vietnam.

6. Bun Cha

A delicious serving of grilled pork with the thin rice noodles known as vermicelli, this is a classic Vietnamese street food dish that is also served in the top restaurants. You can find many variations of the bun dish, with fish or tofu, pork or beef. Try them all and enjoy!

7. Che

And for dessert, che is a strange combination of sweet and savoury in the form of a type of bean paste or rice paste, with added fresh fruit, honey, and sugar.


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