How to Design a Modern Day Church


Although traditional old churches are beautiful to look at, designing a church in the modern day and age often needs to have some modern design elements incorporated into it. Many architects and building designers choose to merge both traditional and modern when designing a new church in an attempt to marry together the old and the new, and create a symbol of religion through the ages. Modern design is often more practical and easy to maintain than traditional and older design elements, which is why they are used more often for new church buildings. If you are working on a church design project, we’ve put together some great design ideas that you may like.

Stained Glass Windows

Although they have been around for centuries, stained glass windows never seem to go out of style when it comes to churches, and can be found at churches and cathedrals that are hundreds of years old to newer, more modern church buildings. Stained glass windows in churches generally come decorated with images that depict Bible stories, such as the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. When choosing stained glass windows for a church it is important to consider which images you would like to depict as different stories are important to different branches of Christianity.

Contemporary design churchSeating

Traditionally, church seating comes in wooden pews, however more and more modern churches are choosing to move away from this traditional seating option and instead opt for more comfortable seating in order to better accommodate their church members. Depending on the church there are a number of seating options that you can choose from – stand-alone chairs may be the best option if the church space is used for other activities when a church service is not being held, or if you’d like to stick with a more traditional option you can buy modern church pews from a fixed seating manufacturer.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

When it comes to designing a modern day church the needs of the members should always be taken into consideration, which often involves including a kitchen and bathrooms in your design plan. Not only will the church members need the facilities of a kitchen and/or bathroom during church services, many modern day churches are used for a number of other activities throughout the week such as the meeting of clubs, societies and groups who will also need the use of these facilities.


Older churches tend to have more baroque and gothic designs, however in today’s modern age more and more churches are leaning towards a modern, minimalist design. Keeping things simple and fresh is a good plan when designing a modern day church, and minimalist design features can also look great when paired with certain traditional design elements such as stained glass windows or candles.

Which are your favorite traditional or modern day church designs? If you’d like to tell us about a church building that you have seen or attended with a great design, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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