Your Essential Guide to Different Types of Showers Available Today


When we are outfitting our bathrooms, it’s only natural that we want the best. We want to make sure that our bathroom’s fixtures are chosen carefully – and this includes our bathroom showers. As a matter of fact, your bathroom shower is one of the most important elements in this essential space, contributing to your overall comfort and your bathroom’s efficiency.

But if you are on the lookout for a shower, you may become overwhelmed with the choices available today. You have the choice between a digital shower, an electric, a mixer, or a power shower. On top of this, you have to consider other practical requirements, such as the type of boiler you have, your home’s water pressure, and more.

Here, then, is your guide to the different shower types available today:

Your choices when it comes to shower type

When you are choosing a shower for your bathroom, you need to know what choices are available to you. Currently, there are four main types of showers available: electric, mixer, power, and digital showers.

Bathroom showerAn electric shower: the basics

The main thing that differentiates electric showers from the others is the fact that it heats up the water as it is being used. The good news about electric showers is that they only require a cold supply of water in order to work. The bad news, however, is that electric showers tend to have a less strong water flow than other showers. Electric showers are also at risk of the buildup of limescale, so you have to watch out for this as well. Another aspect to remember about an electric shower is that the supply of water can become too hot if the water supply is being used in another area in your home at the same time. If you are on a budget and do not require a strong water flow, an electric shower may be best for you.

A mixer shower: the basics

A mixer shower, as its name implies, relies on the combination of both your cold and hot water supply. For this, you need to have an immersion heater or a combination boiler. One thing about mixer showers is that they have a stronger water flow than electric ones. You can also easily adjust the temperature simply by controlling the taps.

A power shower: the basics

A power shower has the same functionality as a mixer shower in that it also works by combining your cold and hot water supply. The main difference, however, is that a power shower often has a pump already built in. This results in a stronger water flow and allows you to assert more control over your desired water pressure and temperature. If you have a home with low water pressure, then a power shower can give you what you need. Power showers can be quite expensive, though, so you may want to consider buying them from wholesale electrical suppliers such as rather than standard retailers.

A digital shower: the basics

When it comes to digital showers, you have various choices as well: you can purchase them as mixer or electric models, or un-pumped or pumped. A digital shower is indeed one of the latest innovations in showers, as it comes with its own processor with the ability to mix cold and hot water to a good temperature. You can opt for a digital shower equipped with Bluetooth or wireless technology, which allows you to control the temperature of the shower before going in.

If you are still unsure about the type of shower to choose, you can always consult with a shower specialist or a plumber so you can get expert advice and assistance.


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