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A land as vast and diverse as America holds quite a few hotels. From big-name chains to independent, smaller-run accommodations, there’s typically no shortage of places to stay no matter where you’re traveling. These hotels, motels and other lodging businesses may differ in their appearance, size and cost, but they’re all motivated by the same basic things: fill their hotels, deliver an exceptional lodging experience and earn the customer’s future business, all while getting the guest in and out quickly. The solution may seem as simple as diligent customer service accompanied with a hearty smile to some, but it goes beyond that. When times get stressful and customer volume is high, hospitality companies need a reliable, quality and easy-to-use communication system.

Why the Hospitality Industry Loves Hosted PBXThe answer lies in a hosted PBX system to heighten staff-to-staff communication and meet consumer needs in a timely format. Below we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why the hospitality industry loves using BroadConnect cloud-based hosted PBX systems for all its communications:

Common Issues

Seasoned hoteliers understand the struggles of churning a consistent profit lie in keeping a hotel’s many moving pieces synced and performing efficiently. Employee productivity ties directly into the lasting guest experience and in turn, profit margins. In the past, it’s been incredibly difficult for hoteliers to connect all facets of the operation with a centralized, intuitive communication system. Email, phone and fax have all been utilized in the past, but they’ve been their own separate islands. Sharing documents and collaborating was possible, but the methods in which it was done differed each time depending on the person sharing. A lack of consistent communication protocol to follow wastes precious minutes each time communication occurs. While a few minutes may seem harmless, they add up to a staggering amount of time taken away from other crucial hotel needs like serving guests, future hotel planning and other internal collaboration. With our cloud-based Hosted PBX, switching communication systems is easy, whether you’re expanding, building new, or simply upgrading your infrastructure.

How a Hosted PBX Makes the Difference

The cloud certainly has its upsides of flexibility and device integration. Hoteliers enjoy a sophisticated yet employee friendly platform that connects voice, email, fax and other data on one robust network. Whether you’re in the hotel or at a hospitality conference across the country, you can easily monitor all your communication touchpoints via a single number. You’ll be amazed at your employees’ productivity in using a platform that actually works for them. Share status documents, budget proposals and other important information through virtual meetings or instant messaging.

Using BroadConnect’s Hosted PBX allows team members to stay in close contact. Instead of wondering about a coworker’s availability, their schedule is accessible at a moment’s notice. Through presence information, colleagues can choose the form of communication most suitable to the person they’re trying to connect with. But perhaps the best part about leveraging an all-in-one Hosted PBX system like BroadConnect is the heightened communication with stakeholders, vendors and potential business partners. After all, it’s these kind of relationships that set the pace for a hotel’s future success or failure.


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