The Three Aspects You Should Always Remember when Creating and Designing a Product Label


There are indeed plenty of aspects to think about when you are creating and designing a label for your product. Some common aspects include the software you should use, the colours you choose, the size of the label, and even the fonts. But apart from these common aspects, there are three other factors you should think about as well.

  1. The shape that can make or break your label

As mentioned, your product label’s effectiveness is influenced by some very important factors. But along with this, your product label can also be affected by another factor that we sometimes relegate to the back burner: the label’s shape.

Label designWhilst you may think that the label’s shape is dictated by the shape of the container or the packaging anyway, so it’s not that important, think again. You still have a definite set of choices when it comes to your product label’s shape that are not directly affected by the shape of the product’s packaging or container. For instance, even if you have packaged your product in a rectangular box (one of the most popular forms of packaging around the world), you can still choose to have your label shaped differently – as a circle, for instance, or an oval or an even more unusual shape.

The good news is that there are many printing services and shops which have a good stock of various popular shapes for labels, such as rectangles, circles, ovals, and squares. But if you want something extra special for your label’s shape, you can also order a customised shape from a printing service such as, which can produce customised labelling machines for your unique label. Incidentally, can also take on contract labelling services, which are ideal for special circumstances such as unexpected orders, short runs, label corrections, and more.

  1. The finish – glossy or matte? You decide.

Your label’s overall appeal to your customers can also be affected by something you may not have even thought about: the finish. In regards to the finish of your label, you have two simple choices: glossy or matte. If you opt for a laminated matte finish, you can add an elegant and classic yet subtle appeal to your product. On the other hand, if you choose to have a high-impact glossy finish, your product label can have a much shinier, attention-grabbing quality that can certainly pique your customers’ interest. Additionally, with a nice laminate, the label of your product can last longer and you can prevent the ink from smudging and smearing as well.

  1. Your company’s most important details

The third important aspect of your product label is your details – namely, your company’s information. This should include information such as telephone number(s), the address of your website, your headquarters or workshop/factory address, and even your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Having your pertinent details prominently displayed on your product label can enhance and encourage a stronger line of communication with consumers. These details will allow your customers to send in their feedback and even unwittingly promote your products using the best marketing tools available.

With these three important aspects in mind, you can’t go wrong with your product label. And, combined with the right printing and graphics as well as the proper (and correct) information on your label, customers will certainly have their choice laid out.


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