Basic Safety Rules for Your Grow Room


Because you have invested a great deal of time and money into your grow room, you should follow some basic safety rules. Your goal should be to keep your plants, equipment, and structure itself safe. You should take steps to be prepared for a fire, to protect your eyes and lungs if you come into contact with agents that are harmful, and to prevent other accidents that can occur when water and electricity come in contact with each other.

Fire extinguisherReview some of the safety rules below and make your own poster to display in your grow room so that all who enter can observe the rules for safe behaviour within your grow room.

  1. Your hydroponics system will work efficiently if your grow room is well organized and if you observe some basic rules. You must do everything within your power to prevent a fire. Make sure that you:

  • Always place trash in the proper place and don’t leave it lying around to catch fire or to cause an accident. Instead of having a trash bin inside the grow room, keep a roll of rubbish bags handy so that you can use a new bag each time you enter the room and take it out with you when you leave.

  • Look around for items that could catch fire easily, and remove them immediately. Don’t store flammable items in your grow room and don’t use it as a storage room for your growing supplies.

  • Use a smoke alarm, with fresh batteries replaced frequently, so that you will be alerted should a fire break out. Test the alarm and also test the distance from which you can hear the alarm. It must be loud enough for you to hear with the door closed or it will serve no purpose.

  1. Always assume that a fire is going to break out at some point in the future. This means that you should have a fire extinguisher in the growing area. Make sure that it’s in working order and that you know how to properly use it. Monitor the date that your fire extinguisher is effective and always keep a flashlight near it so that you can see should the grow room already be filled with smoke. You should also develop an exit plan so that you will know exactly how to exit the room if a fire gets uncontrollable.

  2. Be careful with electricity. Never overload the circuits or cause stress points on the cables in your grow room. Keep as many of the components as possible clear from the floor so that you won’t have an accidental fall. Know what to do in case of an electrical emergency and the numbers to phone for assistance should you experience an electrical crisis.

  3. Protect your skin, lungs, and eyes from harmful chemicals and UVC, UVB, and UVA rays. Have a saline solution in your grow room so that you can do an eye wash if the situation arises. Use latex gloves and always protect airways when you are working with the chemicals used in your grow room.


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