How to effectively use the ceiling space in your Concrete Garage


Homeowners up and down the country are looking at more way to enhance their space within their home, with families converting lofts and building better storage facilities to make the most of their home.

Some families have also turned to converting parts of their garage, including using any free space above the car, as a way of maximising their space. According to leading garage door specialist this is now one of the best ways of providing much needed storage and they have devised a list of things that you can add which can have a huge benefit to your storage needs.

The average height of a garage is about 2.4m, although this space can obviously be increased if you have an extra height garage or a bespoke option; remember that pent roof garages which are flat might not offer the same height advantages. With the average size car only 1.6m in height, this gives a lot of space to play with.

Ideas for storage

One of the most popular current methods is to get a few hooks and hangers and suspend them from the ceiling. Via this method you can add a storage rack which suspends and gives a large space for items to rest safely. This can be useful for storing times that you may only need seasonally, like decorations for the Christmas period or cushions for garden furniture. They are quite strong so a fair amount of weight can be suspended safely, but it is more convenient to use this space for items which you only use a few times each year including bedding, suitcases and much more.

If a large rack is not practical or too big, other things which can be added are special adjustable T-Racks which allow you to store things such as wood beams, or depending on the orientation, ladders which are not used frequently.

There are special types of hooks that can also be bought for specific purposes, including C shaped hooks which can be used to help you suspend bikes from the ceiling, as well as many other designs for specific purposes. A special hoist system can be added if you wanted to suspend football gear, balls or cushions. These follow the designs used by retailers when showcasing toys or footballs in baskets.

Many of the variations available on the current market are also built for space saving too which helps to maximise any space you take up.

These are just a few examples of how using some intuition can help you store lots of items overhead and free up ground space. If your car doesn’t currently fit in the garage, adding overhead space might allow you to move some items of the floor so that it can. Speaking to a professional garage manufacturer can also help you incorporate some of these features into your build so you can use them right away.


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