5 Tips for Helping a Student Find the Right Book


Students need help from time to time with selecting the perfect book for them. Often, the case is they just don’t know what to read. The book they need may be for writing an essay, for their course, or for personal interest. Even if they are using an essay writing service like EssayPro and are going to buy a paper, reading the book is still important. The book choice is ultimately up to them, but they will appreciate the help that you can give them. Always let the student have the final decision. Here are five tips for helping a student find the right book.

Know the student

If you know what he or she is interested in, then you can help find the right book for them. They will be more likely to finish the book if it’s a subject that they like. A paper will be more difficult to write if they have no interest in the book they’re reading. Choose something that reflects their background, and a subject that they have succeeded in.

Books for studentsKnow the book

Do your research and suggest books that you are somewhat familiar with. If you’ve read the book before, then you can remember excerpts from the book that he or she may be interested in. If it’s a textbook, then make sure that they will be reading the latest version. Invite your student to do their research too. Let them read the front and back cover of several books, read online reviews (at Wikipedia, for example), and ask other people what they think of the book.

Give them permission to stop reading it

If they have tried to enjoy the book, but are finding it difficult, then let them know it’s okay not to finish it. Perhaps they’d like to try a different book for their paper. Forcing a student to read a book will only result in them hating that book and possibly them hating reading as well. Sometimes, if a student has a choice in stopping or continuing a book, the pressure comes off of them and they feel more motivated to finish it.

Give them a few to choose from

There are millions of books out there. It can be overwhelming to visit a library and have to choose just one. If you pick out 5 or 6 books for him or her, it can make the selection a lot easier. Make sure they few books have similarities, but are not exactly the same, or there won’t be much choice. Giving them a couple of books by the same author, so they can see that there can be small differences from book to book.

Let them experiment

You never know, they may like a book that has nothing to do with their personal preferences. Encourage them to try something new, and that may refresh their love of reading. Even if you think that it may be above their reading level, let them try it out. They may be ready for something that is a little bit more difficult than they’re used to.

When your student has chosen the right book, remember to ask them questions about it as they read. Show interest in what they’re learning, and that will increase the likeliness that they will succeed. If they are struggling through a certain part of the book, then offer your help in clarifying things for them.


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