Explore Your Options with Digital Radiography Systems


Are you considering buying a new digital radiography system to better diagnose the cases you see coming into your veterinary practice each day? Do you know which type of system is better for you and your business needs? The following information is presented so that you can explore your options with the available radiography systems that will enhance your diagnoses of the animals you are treating.

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One of the first decisions that you’ll have to make is the type of system that you want to buy; you will be selecting from either a DR system or a CR system which both have advantages over the old analogue method of doing X-rays. There are two classes of equipment for you to consider; do as much research using the website www.photon-imaging.com as an excellent resource for information about cassette-based CR or Direct radiography or DR systems. As you read the information about each system begin to think about your own business and how each system would meet your needs.

The CR System

CR systems use cassettes to house the phosphor sheet onto which the image is placed. Your staff will use very similar procedures as they did with analogue X-rays. If you are seeking to expedite the taking and reading of X-rays in your office you may want to consider using a DR system instead. If you want to buy a CR system, you must purchase cassettes, a quality processor, and equipment that will aid in both viewing and the storage of your films. Keep in mind that this system is less costly than a DR system and will provide you with some of the features of higher priced models.

The DR System

If you need quality images within seconds of taking the image, then a DR system is the one you should explore more closely. Because of a reduction in the time involved with taking and reading X-rays, this form of radiography can streamline the process and make your office more efficient. The films that you get with be exceptional and will assist you in making a diagnosis that could not have been detected with the old analogue method. You should also keep in mind that with DR systems you can reduce the amount of storage space that is needed for X-rays. This can allow your office to be expanded by using old storerooms that have become outdated.

To capture radiographic information you must use a system that works well with your office setting. Digital radiography can expedite the taking of X-rays for the animals that visit your office and reduce the amount of space that must be committed to the reading and storing of X-rays. If your clients are experiencing long waits in your office you should invest in a system that will cut their waiting time and improve your services simultaneously. There are distinct differences in the CR and DR systems which means that your final choice must be based on your specific needs.


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