Great Ways to Relax After a Long Week at Work


You know what it is like… You get back home from work and you’re just beat. You want some relaxing ways to relax on a Friday evening when you’re pretty tired out and you’re wondering what would be best.

Woman with headphonesHere are a few of the ways to wind down after a long week in the office.

1. Gaming

Whether you’re someone who loves to play on a PlayStation or Xbox, or you’re strictly a PC gamer, there are few things that are as fun when you’re pretty wiped out as playing a game (or three). Sure, you’re unlikely to “frag” many of the other gamers in the match as your reflexes are going to be slow by Friday evening, but it can be a good bit of mindless fun when you don’t feel capable of much more.

2. Catch up with TV

Have you missed out on some of your favorite TV shows during the week? Did Blindspot and Gotham pass you right by? Well you can pick them up on streaming services from the network, cable or satellite provider in many cases if you didn’t think to make sure that they got recorded. Amazon also offers streamed media via Amazon Prime direct to your PC or Wi-Fi connected TV.

3. Relax in Your Own Sauna

Do you not have the energy to go down to the gym to sit in the sauna? What about if you had your own sauna installed in your home that you could enjoy whenever you wanted? Curious? Check out these sauna reviews to learn about which home sauna might suit you.

4. Phone a Friend

Phoning a friend is a great way to catch up with what’s happened during the week. Better still, do you want to invite them round for a meal and a chat? Either way, touching base with a close friend helps to take the mind off the work week and get it back to the people who are truly important in your life.

5. Play Sports

Those people who are more energetic than others might enjoy some team sports on Friday evening to get the blood pumping ready for an enjoyable weekend. Whether it is team game or a game of doubles tennis, getting in some exercise and banter over a friendly match can be a different way to unwind. Just don’t be too competitive about it.

6. Listen to Relaxing Music

Whether you enjoy some classical music or a score from a favorite movie, sitting back and putting on some soothing tunes can be bliss when the brain is begging for a rest. It is a good idea to load up the tunes that you wish to listen to before you relax because you don’t want to have to keep getting up to change albums. Using a smartphone, MP3 player or other device that is capable of running through a playlist of chosen songs is ideally the way to go here.

Did you like our suggestions? Do you have any of your own? We’d love to hear about them.


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