How to Find the Best Web Designer for your Oxford Business


Competition between businesses in Oxford is tough and it can be hard to win sales from competitors when consumers have a lot of choice. Whether you sell handmade soaps or electrical installations, your website for your Oxford business is the place where a large majority of prospective customers will encounter you first. With a variety of free website development tools available, many people assume they can build their own site without much hassle. But if you want a website that stands out from the rest or offers high quality functionality, you’re going to need some help from a designer. How to find the best designer for your website project? Pay attention to these factors.

Know What You Do and Don’t Want

Do some research first before you meet with a prospective designer so you have it clear in your mind what you want from your website, and what you want to avoid. This makes it easier to find a designer who is on the same wavelength as you. Look at other websites from similar Oxford businesses and from further afield and think about the ones you like, and why. Look at sites you believe don’t work. Think about the style of site you want – more traditional, or highly modern? Will you need to regularly update the content?

Web DesignerThink About the Platform or CMS

Think about what platform you will be using to update the website – e.g. WordPress – and check that the designer is experienced in using this platform. If you do not know what platform to use, choose a designer that will handle choosing the platform and instructing you in updates.

Look at the Designer’s Portfolio

When it comes to web design Oxford offers a great deal of choice in web designers but you need to know that the one you choose is working to your own style and needs. Take a look at the designer’s portfolio to see if their taste matches your own. Look to see if they have designed similar websites to the one you want.

Ask for References

When you have found a designer that you could work with, ask for references from past customers so you can check the quality of the work and whether the designer would be suitable for your style of project. It helps to get references from Oxford businesses similar to your own as you are likely to be working towards the same goals.

Set a Realistic Budget

Understand what you can afford to pay, and make sure the designer is clear about exactly what they will charge. If these figures match, you’ve got a designer. As with most things, you do tend to pay for what you get so the cheapest budget web designer may be a false economy, particularly if you need online shopping integration and intricate functionality. The cost of designing a website varies depending on complexity and design, so a simple website with minimal pages will be much cheaper than a complex online store. Make sure your budget is realistic.


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