Always Use Good Taxi Etiquette


You may have used taxi services for many years and never known some of the everyday etiquette that should be used. Good manners are always in style and when you frequently use a taxi you will come to see the courteousness and politeness of your driver which should be returned by you, the passenger. Let’s review some of the major ways to correctly and politely use a taxi with good manners and acceptable etiquette.

When should you hail a taxi?

With the simple wave of your hand, you should hail a taxi when the light is glowing with a bright yellow colour. If the light isn’t on, the cab is occupied or the driver is off duty. So pay close attention to the light on top of the taxi when you are in need of a taxi service.

London taxi

How should you enter the taxi?

Before you get into the taxi go to the front window which the driver will have open and announce where you want to go. If you are taking the taxi Weybridge to Heathrow, be sure to clearly state that you want to go to this particular airport so your driver will know the exact airport to deliver you and your luggage. You should then get into the rear passenger area. If you take a taxi from a Taxi Rank be sure to go to a taxi that is located at the front of the line. Because your taxi driver will likely have his personal belongings on the front passenger seat, you should never open that door for any reason.

What should you call the taxi driver?

The professionals at recommend that you refer to the taxi driver as “cabbie,” or “driver”. Using “mate” is a term that is too familiar and “love” is reserved for use by female passengers. You may want to sit silently and read your newspaper or continue to prepare the presentation that you will be giving at the conference, In any case, recognition of the driver once you enter the taxi is a courteous gesture that you should make.

Should you engage the taxi driver in conversation?

It is acceptable to engage in conversation with your driver as long as you are not distracting them. Keep the topics pleasant and inoffensive so that you can keep the conversation light. You should avoid topics like religion, health and politics and instead talk about the weather, your favourite place to travel to, or how the traffic around London has changed over the years.

Should you offer your driver a tip?

Gratuities are left up to you the passenger but are a nice way of keeping the tradition of tipping cabbies alive. You should determine how much tip you will give in advance of your travels so that you will have the correct amount to give the driver. Usually 10% is a customary figure that can be rounded up to the nearest pound. Drivers certainly appreciate your generosity and can add to their income with your tips.


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