What You Need to Know about the Benefits of a Carronite Bath


Let’s admit, we don’t often think about the material our bath is made of; we all enjoy a leisurely hot soak after a hard day of work and don’t pay too much attention to our bathtub’s material. In most cases, perhaps the only considerations people make when purchasing a bath are the size of the tub and the size of the price tag. But you might like to know that there is a lot more to be discovered about a Carronite bath. Here is a list of the most important benefits of a Carronite bath you should know about:

Exactly what is a Carronite bath?

The Carronite bath has an original blueprint: it is composed of three layers that reinforce the system. It weighs more than old-fashioned baths because it has a more compact material – and this also ensures its strength and gives it multiple advantageous features. A Carronite bath retains more heat as well and is also extremely durable and equipped with a unique fitting system. Without a doubt, it’s a product made with the highest technology and the most rigid reinforcement – and yet, Carronite baths come with designs that fit anyone’s requirements and budget.

Bath tube

The top benefits of a Carronite bath

Heat retention

The denser an object is, the more it retains heat – a rock will stay warm long after water has cooled down. In a Carronite bath, the molecules are spaced closer together and don’t release their retained energy as quickly. Similarly, the density and technological process of manufacturing these Carronite baths ensure that the bath will retain heat up to 30 minutes longer than an ordinary acrylic bath. It’s a great application of simple physics, but it took years of research to make this possible. The unique composition of the Carronite bath with its three reinforcement layers ensure that you can take a hot, relaxing soak without having to add fresh warm water all the time.

Amazing strength

Because of the Carronite bath’s extra density compared to the standard acrylic bath, it is heavier and stronger. However, there is an extra feature that makes up the amazing strength of the tub: its flexibility. When you apply heat to a material – any material – it expands. This is also true for baths. Carronite baths bend less, meaning that the casing and the materials around it receive less pressure. Carronite baths are stronger and therefore protect the surrounding framework. The combination of the material itself and the fitting system also ensures that your bath has a much longer lifespan – and you can enjoy it for longer as well.

Unique design

Anyone who has had a tub for some time knows that the wear and tear of using it can result in splitting at the edges – right where the actual bath meets the fitting. Extra sealing has to be applied every once in a while to ensure that the water doesn’t run into the cracks and cause mould or rotting. A Carronite bath comes with a unique design fitted for extra weight and extra strength. Because it bends less and retains heat longer, the Carronite design ensures rigidity and diminishes movement, preventing the need for regular re-sealing.

Carronite baths are truly unique and manufactured to the highest standards, which is exactly why more industry professionals recommend them compared to other standard baths. Its original design and its unique features offer benefits no other bath can provide. If you are looking for premier Carronite baths UK, look no further than Bathroom Deal for great pricing, free deliveries in the UK mainland, and more.


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