Executive Compass Launches New Headquarters, Moving to Hoults Yard


One of the UK’s leading dependent bid writing firms, Executive Compass, recently launched a new website to accommodate its growing international presence. The company has done surprisingly well in the first 6 years of operation, having worked on more than 1700 projects across a variety of industries, with clients throughout the UK, US, and Europe in both the private and public sector. Since launching their new site the firm has seen an increase in client solicitation, helping them build upon an already solid foundation.

Maintaining an Impressive Success Rate

Executive Compass is run by Managing Director Neil Capstick, who founded the business in 2009 by himself. As an MBA-qualified Chartered Manager with a degree in business research methodology, Neil has personally been writing bids for more than 15 years. Since growing from a one man show to a small business, the firm has a maintained an 87% success rate, which is the percentage of bids that result in a contract being awarded to the client. That’s impressively high when you consider the volume of bids, tenders, and PQQs the firm has written. In the past year alone they’ve secured more than £2 billion in contracts for their clients.

Hoults YardThe Move to Hoults Yard

In light of the continued growth, Executive Compass has relocated its main office location to Hoults Yard, a prestigious office/studio complex that is home to more than 100 thriving small businesses in North East England. The Yard, as it is colloquially called, is location of choice for an abundance of talented creatives spanning across nearly every industry. Capstick understood his firm was in need of extra office space, and so the Yard was chosen because of its “professional, energetic atmosphere.” It makes sense that EC would want to base its headquarters alongside other promising companies, given the stellar success it has enjoyed in its first 5+ years of operation.

Expanding the Team

To complement the move to Hoults Yard, Executive Compass has expanded its team by adding two new members. This year the company has hired three new bid writers and has been able to significantly increase its turnover as a result. All of the bid writing is done in-house to protect client confidentiality and ensure consistent quality, which is not always possible when outsourcing or freelancing. Altogether the firm has written more than 350 PQQs and tenders in 2015, establishing itself as one of the leading bid writers in the UK. In addition, Executive Compass (www.executivecompass.co.uk) has been providing training sessions to organisations in a broad range of industries, helping them improve their employee’s bid writing capabilities.

Looking Forward to a Strong 2016

With the winter season being one of the busiest times of the year for EC, they’re currently handling a large volume of projects. At the end of the year they’re expected to produce a full year review to summarise the company’s achievements and statistics going into the New Year.


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