What Queries Should You Have for a Payroll Company?


The payroll of your company involves some of the most sensitive information that you have in your organisation. This makes hiring a third party to do payroll for you a very important decision that must be handled with extreme caution and care. Finding the right company is paramount to the success and peace of mind that you’ll have with outsourcing payroll for your business. Before you make a decision about which company will work the best for you, ask some of the questions discussed below. The answers that you receive can help you to determine which team of payroll professionals will best help you to meet your business goals for success.

  1. One of the first questions that you should ask a Payroll Company that interests you is if they can create a payroll programme specifically for you. Can you use only one of their services, a combination of a few of their products, or must you sign on for a fully managed service regardless of the size of your company? Before you meet with a prospective company, determine what your budget is and what your needs are so that you can discuss specifics with them to arrive at a projected cost.
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  2. You should also enquire about how their employees are chosen, the training that is required, and how they ensure the confidentiality of your data. You may want to ask about the frequency of professional development for their employees, how they have handled problems with their work in the past, and if you’ll be dealing with the same person each time. Having an employee assigned to your account will simplify the process and make working through any issues much easier for you. Outsourcing payroll involves complete trust in the payroll professionals that you hire to do an exemplary job that meets your expectations.

  3. Outsourcing payroll can mean more than just payslips for your staff. Can they use automatic enrolment, are they current with new legislation that applies to payroll, and can they handle the RIT needs for your business? Providing you with accurate payslips and timely reports to be submitted to the government can save you from having to pay penalties for late or delayed filings.

  4. How will they address errors or problems with the work that they do for you? If fines are levied for mistakes, will they assume responsibility? How quickly can they fix issues with the payslips of your employees? Outsourced payroll can be the ideal solution for your company if the team handles problems quickly and provides you with customer care that is exceptional.

  5. Will the payroll company that you hire work with you to keep you abreast of any changes that they need to make? Ask how often they receive updates on processes and procedures that expedite their work and what you can do to help them with your projects. If they provide you with tips and guidelines about what they expect from you, you’ll be informed and ready to assist them do an outstanding job for your company.


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