How to be Successful at Spread Betting


Your ultimate goal as a spread better is to win money with your trades so that you can increase your wealth. The first thing that you need to do is completely understand how the system works before you jump into an activity that can cost you a lot of money. You’ll have to be smart and for the first months you should keep the size of your trades very small so that you can practice without depleting all of your funds. You can also follow some of the tips below that will help you gain knowledge and experience as a spread better.

  • When you first start spread betting, it’s a good idea to keep your trades at no larger than about £1 per point. Too many traders dive right into the action without understanding the basics of the process. You should develop a plan of action once you know what you’re doing and stick to your plan as you take on more trades.

    Spread Betting Trade

  • It’s also a good idea to vary how you bet and the size of your trade in conjunction with what’s happening in the market. With high risk you should begin with a lower amount; attach a larger stop loss as well. With low risk and the potential to make a large profit, you should make the size of your trade larger, with a smaller stop loss.

  • To be successful, the experts at CMC Markets suggest that you determine the commissions and bid-offers that you’ll be required to pay. You must monitor your account carefully and watch to see that you aren’t letting your funds get too low for trading activity.

  • If you don’t completely understand stop losses you must study their benefits and how to use them. This will keep disastrous trades from depleting your account. If you need help with this feature, be sure to ask an expert to explain them to you so that you can protect your funds should you have a bad trade.

  • Be patient and practice self-discipline. Carefully study the trade that you want to make, decide when you’ll enter and exit, and what you can do to practice your strategy. Don’t let trading occupy your mind twenty-four hours a day; you’ll become exhausted and not see your next trade clearly.

  • Finally, choose some specialised markets to trade and keep your activity to only a few products. Each market will be different and you have to understand it to be able to make a profit. Successful traders use only a handful of markets until they have a handle on how the entire process works. It will be advantageous to study the market that you like, observe its volatility, and proceed with caution.


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