How Living in London Can Affect Your Skin


Living in London can be exciting, interesting, and financially rewarding – but it may not benefit your skin. The experience of living in any big city can have a negative effect on your skin unless you take some steps to remedy the situation. Have you thought about how living in London could be causing your skin to look older and less fresh? Here are some of the things to watch out for.

Pay Attention to the Quality of the Air

Living in a city, as compared to living in a rural location, you are exposed on a daily basis to exhaust fumes, smoke from cigarettes, and smog that occurs due to a build-up of this air pollution combined with weather patterns. Your skin could suffer. Pollution affects the collagen in your skin and causes problems for skin elasticity. Pollution can also cause your skin to feel more irritated, and redness to occur. While you cannot stop breathing in this pollution, you can put up a barrier between your skin and the air by using a high quality moisturiser that keeps moisture within the skin and cuts down the problem of environmental irritants.

Living in London

Hard Water Causes Skin Problems

You’ve probably noticed a significant difference between the water in the city and the water outside of London. Water in London is called hard water because it has a high proportion of salts like magnesium and calcium. Hard water can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema. You could try filtering your water if this causes particular problems for your skin. For more information about how to protect your skin from the effects of hard water, ask advice from a London dermatologist.

Busy Lives Make Bad Skin

Living in London you are never short of something to do, and work is no doubt busy and stressful. But consider that leading a busy life without paying attention to your skin can cause it to look old before its time. Healthy skin needs a good supply of vitamins and minerals from your diet. Take care you are getting the right nutrients from your meals and not skipping meals. You also need to make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Alcohol can dehydrate your skin, so take care to keep your water levels up, and alternate alcohol days with alcohol-free days. And try to make sure you get enough sleep. It may be hard to get the rest you need but it is worth it for your skin – as well as other areas of your health and life. When you are well-rested your skin has the chance to repair itself and you minimise bags and dark circles under your eyes. In fact, sleep can make you look years younger, so make sure you get enough.


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