The Rising Popularity of Artificial Grass Lawns


A beautiful, green lawn that looks stunning all year round, is comfortable to run, play and lie on, yet requires no mowing, sprinkling or fertilizing may sound too good to be true, but thanks to the latest generation of stunning, ultra-realistic artificial grass from companies like Grono, it is now becoming a reality for more and more homeowners. Once the reserve of sports fields, golf courses and tennis courts, artificial grass turf is becoming a major trend in garden design, and when you look at the benefits it can offer over live grass, it can be easy to see why.

It Is Actually Great for the Environment

It may seem counterintuitive given that for environmental reasons, we are usually encouraged to plant more natural plants, however there are some clear green benefits to using an artificial lawn instead. Water conservation is the key thing here, with regular summer droughts leading to bans on sprinklers and hosepipes, simply because watering our gardens uses so much of our water reserves. With an artificial lawn, a hosepipe ban is not going to stand between that beautiful green lawn you want for your summer parties, games and sunbathing sessions, but you won’t have to use a drop to keep your garden happy! Additionally, because you don’t need to use any fertilizers or pesticides to maintain your lawn, you won’t be adding any chemicals into your home’s environment. You can also take into account the reduction in your carbon footprint from not using a mower and strimmer!

Green grass

So Much More Free Time

All year round, a live lawn needs care, but in the sunniest season it can seem to demand half of your free time to prevent your lawn from becoming dry and parched or overgrown and messy. If you’d rather be lounging on your lawn than pushing a mower over it on your summer weekends, you’ll love the virtually maintenance free nature of an artificial lawn. This also makes it very appealing for people with second homes who aren’t at the location often enough to keep the lawn under control, and older or disabled people for whom mowing is not physically possible. Rather than hire someone to keep the lawn in check or face it looking messy, you can use artificial grass to get the look of a perfect lawn with no ongoing effort!

Allergy Friendly

One of the other downsides to a live lawn which an artificial one can address is the matter of hay fever. At some times of the year, grass can really aggravate hay fever sufferers, and hay fever can also come on unexpectedly in people who have never had it before, so switching to an artificial lawn will mean that even if this happens to a member of your family, you will still be able to make good use of your garden during pollen season.
These are some pretty weighty benefits, and do show why more and more people now elect to use artificial grass rather than real, growing grass for their gardens.


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