The Pros and Cons of a Wood Burning Stove


In centuries past, we burned logs and coal to heat our homes. There was no such thing as central heating – the only way to stay warm was to have an open fire in every room and keep it lit all day long. Today we have a lot more options and a fireplace is usually more for show than as a functional source of heat.
Old-fashioned fireplaces have enjoyed something of a boost in popularity. Fifty years ago, fireplaces were seen as dirty and drafty, with many being ripped out as central heating became more widespread in middle class homes. Today people are more likely to be ripping out their modern fires and replacing them with log burners. So what are the pros and cons of wood burning stoves and is it a good idea to install one in your home?

Wood Burning StoveThe Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove

Wood as a fuel is a lot cheaper than gas, oil and electricity. If you have access to wood off-cuts, it will cost you nothing to heat your home. It is easy to source bits of wood. Have a chat with your local timber merchant and see if they can let you have any of their waste. Alternatively, look for fallen logs in local woodland and chop them up for firewood. You can also book a firewood delivery from if you need some extra logs.
Log burning stoves are very efficient. Some stoves are 90% efficient, which means only 10% of the heat generated is lost up the chimney. This is pretty good when compared to an open fireplace or electric fire.
If you are looking for an eco-friendly fire, a wood burning stove is a good choice. Modern stoves release far fewer pollutants into the atmosphere than coal fires. As long as you burn your own fuel, it’s fairly green. If you buy a multi-fuel stove, you can also burn smokeless fuel, which emits no smoke at all.
Wood burning stoves are a beautiful appliance. The right stove can really enhance a living room and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Because they are so efficient at generating heat, you won’t need any other source of heating in a room with a wood burning stove. You can even toast bread and crumpets on your stove!

The Disadvantages of a Wood Burning Stove

Your chimney needs to be lined before you can install a wood burning stove. This is a specialist job, so always hire a professional to install a stove. If a stove is not installed correctly, it can emit carbon monoxide gas, which is deadly. Once installed, the room will need to be ventilated and the chimney cleaned at least once a year. Stoves can also be messy – the ash pan will need emptying each time you use it.
A wood burning stove can be used as an occasional source of heat on a cold day, or as your main heating source. Either way, you will soon fall in love with your wood burning stove.


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