5 Reasons Why Having Your Employees Learn a 2nd Language could be a Good Idea


Bi-lingual employees are valuable for every company. It is a good incentive to offer bonuses for learning a second language to be able to reach more customers and provide better service overall. Bi-lingual employees have a better opportunity to advance and develop their career on a higher level. Consider offering incentives for your employees to learn a second language with classes through an entity like Berlitz Inglés Academia en Manchester to help international customers.

Easier to Assist Customers with Accents

If an employee happens to come across a customer with a strong accent and it is difficult for the employee to understand the customer’s needs, knowing their native language is a big help. The employee could ask in the assumed native language if that is what they speak.

If the employee has the ability to communicate in their native language, it makes that customer feel more important and their interaction goes smoother.

Helps Transplants Communicate with Services

When people move to a new country, being able to communicate with local businesses until the native language is grasped is beneficial. It helps the transplant feel more welcomed and accepted in their new neighborhood. Knowing that someone else in the area speaks their native language will also help motivate them to learn the native language.

Most words, even on an International level, are derived from a simple base. That base is easily translated when languages like English, French and Spanish are spoken as they are very similar.

Bi-Lingual Employees

Expands an Employees Ability for Advancement

Employees with a second or third language have an advantage. It makes them more desirable to their company and allows for a lot of room for advancement. An employee with the ability to communicate with clients on an International level can become a point of contact for foreign customers. This helps boost sales and the company’s reputation.

Makes the Employee a more Valuable Asset

An employee that is bilingual is a valuable asset. Some employees may already be bilingual, and it is important to ask during the interview process as you may have a better position to offer a bilingual employee. It makes them more versatile and able to complete communications with a larger variety of clients.

Bi-Lingual Employees can help Diffuse Problem Situations

If you have International customers, they may have a difficult time communicating with a solely English speaking employee. This can cause tension and create a heated situation. A bilingual employee can easily step in to diffuse the situation by immediately calming the customer. By saving the situation, that customer is more likely to continue doing business with your company.

Some companies do hire only bilingual employees, and others list it as a benefit to be bilingual. When you list that being bilingual opens up additional job opportunities and advancement, more employees may become interested in learning a second language. Helping them with the schooling costs is an even bigger incentive and leaves the company with more successful employees and higher customer satisfaction ratings. More positive reviews left online will also help improve your company’s online reputation as well.


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