Should You Seek Medical Treatments in Other Countries?


Many people are afraid to seek medical attention when in another country. Much of the fear comes from worrying about communication and the standard of care provided. It is always ideal to seek medical attention from a major medical facility. They have standards that are strict, just as they are in your home country. You should feel secure seeking medical treatment when needed, regardless of where in the world you are.

Language Barriers

If you have not had much time to learn the language of the country you are visiting, you should be able to find a bilingual staff member or translator within the hospital. You can always take the time to learn the language prior to your vacation so that you can communicate. You can take language courses at Berlitz Ingles Academia en Dublin at your leisure and be able to communicate enough to have good medical care and explain your symptoms.

Medical Treatments in Other Countries

Fear of Unfamiliar Atmosphere

The fear of an unfamiliar atmosphere can be a deterrent for visitors that may need medical attention. What you will notice is that once you are inside, many of the procedures of triage and registration are the same. Doctors tend to assess patients the same way universally. You will receive the same standard of care, or better, as if you were going to a hospital or care center in your home location.

Emergency Situation

In an emergency situation, being stubborn about getting medical care in a foreign country should be the last of your concerns. Doctors attend school for the same amount of time no matter where in the world they are. The coursework is the same, and the knowledge they learn is the same.

It is important to let the staff know that you are a visitor and are nervous about your care because it is an unfamiliar area. The staff will help calm you and can find other staff members that speak your native language to help calm you during your period of care.

Advanced Level of Care

Many foreigners believe that the standard of medical care in other countries is substandard. The fact of the matter is, most countries now have advanced levels of care available. Medical care has improved worldwide over the last decade. If an advanced care center or major hospital is not available in the immediate area, there are methods of transporting you to a facility with the equipment and staff that you require.

Whether you are at home or visiting another country, you should feel confident seeking medical care when you need it. You have to forget about language barriers, the unfamiliarity of the facility and that you are far away from close friends and family so that you can be treated properly. Always explain to the doctor exactly what you are experiencing if it is not apparent from the outside. The better you can explain your symptoms to the foreign doctor, the better care you will receive as the doctor will have a better idea of what is needed to provide a proper assessment and treatment plan.


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