Style and Design Considerations to Remember when Selecting a Bath


Choosing the ideal bath is not an easy task – in fact, for most of us, it’s a daunting task for the simple reason that there are so many choices out there! It can quickly become a confusing endeavour, especially if you consider yourself a novice when it comes to baths. So if you are having difficulty deciding on the right bath, here are a few style and design considerations which you should keep in mind.

The type of bath comes down to two

Even though there may be different styles and designs for baths, it ultimately comes down to two styles: a freestanding bath or an inset bath. If you are looking for that extra ‘wow’ factor, then a freestanding bath may be perfect for you. A freestanding bath can easily be placed in the centre of your bathroom, giving it a truly beautiful focal point. However, if you are cramped for space, then you may want to settle for an inset or alcove bath, which can be placed against a wall. It would also be wise to remember that some bath installers like inset baths more, because they are easier to install (especially if it is a bathroom refurbishment or replacement). If you want to go ‘all-out’ for your bathroom, though, and you have enough space, then a freestanding bath will definitely be a good choice.


Your choices in materials

Another major consideration is the material. You basically have two primary types to choose from: acrylic or steel. Steel baths are made from one singular piece of steel which is moulded and then coated with a resin. And whilst steel can last for a long time, acrylic is also durable and easy to repair. Most inset baths are made from coated steel or acrylic.

If you would like a freestanding bath, most of them come in acrylic, steel, or stone. Some freestanding baths are natural stone, but there are some made from stone composite or solid surface material. Keep in mind, though, that if you opt for a stone bath, its weight can be a detriment, as most of these baths can weigh more than 100kg. If you want a stone freestanding bath, you have to make sure your floor can handle it; if not, it may need to be reinforced.

The distinction of oval – and white – baths

Oval is a popular shape for many baths today, especially in regards to freestanding baths. Oval is quite an ‘organic’ shape and blends well with different themes. Of course, square is still a popular choice, but oval is infinitely more popular. And if you want to give your bath an extra classic and elegant look, then choose one in white. Whilst colours like black and beige are also popular, a white bath is easier to match with different décor and themes.


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