Why Change to VoIP Telephony for Your Business Communications


How would you like to be able to receive important business calls using your laptop? Or listen to an urgent voice mail message in your e-mail inbox? Or maybe even have a London phone number even though your business is run from Liverpool?

If this sounds like the level of flexibility and mobility you need for your business – then maybe it’s time to consider VoIP telephony for your business telephone needs. A VoIP telephony service basically treats your phone calls in the same way as e-mails, by using the internet to transmit the data.

Change to VoIP Telephony

One of the primary benefits of this technology is the substantial cost savings which many businesses benefit from, not to mention enhanced productivity which it facilitates, too. VoIP also provides handy features which conventional telephone services simply can’t provide.

The benefits of using VoIP for business are numerous, but how do you know if it’s right for your business? Here are some points to consider when making a decision as to whether or not VoIP would benefit your business:

1. Enhanced call quality

Current VoIP technology allows users to use regular telephones to make and receive phone calls, although special IP phones loaded with features allow for many more options other than just making calls. Call quality has vastly improved since the early days of VoIP and nowadays many businesses are abandoning conventional telephone systems in favour of VoIP systems.

2. Reduced communication costs

Providers of VoIP services, such as www.welcometelecom.co.uk, are considerably cheaper than conventional telephone service companies. VoIP infrastructure is much simpler and this saving allows providers to charge less for their services than telephone companies which must deal with existing and often expensive telephone system infrastructure, as well as industry regulations.

There is no need to support a phone network as well as a data network; businesses which are able to make use of their own networks to carry their internal calls can enjoy additional cost savings with VoIP.

3. VoIP provides greater flexibility

With a VoIP system, your business will be able to do things which it can’t with conventional phones, for example:

  • With a broadband internet connection, you can call from anywhere. You could call from home or a hotel room, all with the same business number. No need to redirect to your mobile phone or use expensive mobile minutes to make calls.
  • Make calls from your laptop – a good VoIP provider will be able to provide an integrated solution to allow you to make and receive calls using your laptop. Your telephone system becomes truly seamless while being extremely mobile, allowing you to work from almost anywhere.
  • Forwarding of voice mail to your e-mail – get voice mail, and even faxes, sent direct to your e-mail inbox. All your communications in one place, easy to sort though, archive, share and manage. Another useful feature is the ability to have your e-mails ‘read’ to voice mail.

There are various other benefits which can be gained from using VoIP, so if you think your business could benefit from greater flexibility, mobility, productivity, and cheaper business telecommunications, consider VoIP for your business communication needs.


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