4 Key Ingredients to Boost the Effectiveness of Marketing Videos


The use of videos in online marketing is fairly commonplace nowadays, and its benefits are readily apparent as a source of promotion, traffic, advertising, and so on. However in order for video marketing to truly tap into these benefits it needs to have several key ingredients that allow it to stand out, get noticed, and act as an effective medium for marketing.

  1. Record high quality video

Generally any marketing video should be recorded in 1080p full HD at 60 frames per second initially. Later on it can be reduced to a lower resolution to optimize it, but the quality should not be reduced too much.

Screen capture

  1. Ensure audio is crisp and clear

Whether the video uses background music or a voiceover, the audio should be crisp and clear. If it is being recorded via a device such as a microphone then other noise should be kept to a minimum.

  1. Increase the production value and polish the video

It helps for a video to look professional by increasing its production value either through various video effects or even filters. That being said, it must also be tasteful – so that it doesn’t clash or detract from the video content.

  1. Add subtitles

While it may be a small touch it really goes a long way to not only ensuring the delivery of your marketing message, but also giving your video an additional sheen of professionalism.

To pull all this off you’ll need the right tools – and in that regard the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will be ideal. It can act as a screen grabber that will record the high quality video footage you need – either directly from your screen or from a webcam.

Having recorded the video footage, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will also enable you to cut and combine video segments, apply special effects and filters, add subtitles, enhance the video quality, and include audio tracks. Essentially it will allow you to transform your video so that it looks and feels professionally produced.

When you try out the Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you’ll see just how easy it is to use. In no time you’ll be able to come up with effective videos for use in marketing, and you will even be able to automatically optimize them for various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube with the presets provided.


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