5 Tips for a Garden Makeover


Gardens are often neglected when we give our home a makeover. We are happy to go out and buy paint, splash out on new carpets and furniture, and even install a brand new kitchen if funds permit. We are less likely to spend time and effort on the garden, which is a shame because this is one area where, with a bit of imagination, you can make a big difference.
A garden makeover can add value to your home if you do it right. This is great, but ultimately you should improve your garden so that you can enjoy spending time in it at weekends or in the evening when the weather is nice and warm. Here are some tips to get you started.

Garden makeover


Outdoor Entertaining

If you have a nice garden, there is a lot more incentive to spend time out there. You can invite friends and family over for a BBQ or a few drinks, and show off your lovely garden. To do this, you need somewhere to sit and relax.
Timber decking is easy to install, but an attractive stone patio will also look good. Alternatively, look at gravel or stones, as these are also good for seating areas. Don’t forget to invest in a patio heater if you plan on entertaining when the weather is cool.

Garden Lightshow

Once the sun sets, natural light disappears over the horizon, so you will need artificial light in order to stay outdoors a little longer. Solar powered lights are great for gardens. They charge up during the day and emit light all evening. Choose from pretty string lights for trees and shrubs, post lights for walkways, and spot lights to highlight trees or interesting garden features.

Tailgate Salt SpreaderWater Features

Water is a wonderful way to add interest to an otherwise plain garden. Ponds are not for everyone as they require high levels of maintenance, but small solar-powered fountains and other water features are easy to install and nice to watch. The local wildlife will also appreciate any water features you add, as they then have a convenient place to grab a drink.

Kids’ Play Area

If you have kids, it is good to create a separate play area so your precious plants are not destroyed. Designate a section of garden to a kids’ play area and fence it off. Woodchip is useful as it provides a nice, soft landing for toddlers and younger children, but turf will do just as well. Attach a swing to a convenient tree or build a playhouse. The kids will love it.

Garden Living

Imagine having your own garden cinema. Wouldn’t that be super cool? The good news is that this is easy to do if you have a big budget. But if you don’t, invest in a garden room or summer house instead. You can listen to the radio or enjoy a good book in peace.
If money is tight, use colour to add interest to a small garden. Paint some empty pots or cans and plant them up with pretty herbs and flowers. Place them on the patio or window sills and enjoy.


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