4 simple renovations that can add convenience to any home


When it comes to improving the perceived value of a home, other than the “double A” – aesthetic appeal – few aspects are more important than the two C’s: comfort and convenience. While we all have our individual preferences, there are certain additions and renovations that are guaranteed to make any home more convenient and comfortable for everyone. Fortunately, many such improvements can be implemented without spending an excessive amount of time or money. For example, here are four simple renovations to start with:

1. Adding a Half Bath

While the idea of adding a bathroom or any other room to your home might seem daunting at first, it’s actually not that difficult to install a toilet, sink, and mirror. In fact, perhaps the most challenging aspect of adding a half bath is choosing a location for it. Examples of popular spots for half baths include: under the stairs, the garage, the basement, a bedroom, a walk-in closet, the laundry room, or a wide hallway; anywhere you can build a tiny room will work.


2. Motion Sensor Light Switches and Outlet Timers

Installing motion sensors, dimmers, and timers for your lights and outlets can save you the hassle of manually flicking switches while also reducing your energy consumption. Although this job is easy enough for the average handyman, it is recommended that you have at least a basic understanding of electrical safety before attempting to install these components independently.

3. Window Controls and Actuators

Imagine you want to open all the windows in the house at once. If your home has 20 windows and it only takes you about 5-10 seconds to open each one, it would still take you between 2-5 minutes depending on your speed and the window opening method (obviously a cranking actuator is going to be much slower than a sliding window). With automated window actuators, you can open windows effortlessly, and some models even come with sensors that automatically open all windows when smoke or high temperatures are detected. Teal Products is one of the most popular suppliers in the UK in this sector, so their site would be a good place to see examples.

4. Automated Garage Opener

Have you ever arrived home from work or running an errand and been annoyed by the hassle of having to locate the garage door remote? Maybe you can’t find it and it’s raining outside – that’s the opposite of convenience. If you’re the type of person that parks in your garage nearly every time, a sensible option would be to install an automatic garage door opener, which uses a motion sensor to detect when an object the size of a vehicle pulls up in front of the garage.

Make Rooms and Objects More Accessible

As a bonus tip, aside from the simple renovations above, you can do a lot to improve the comfort and convenience of a space simply by making things more accessible. Rearranging furniture and appliances is a great starting step. Study Feng Shui and look for ways to make your home more navigable and open. These simple measures can add just as much convenience as some of the best renovations.


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