4 Key Ways Working in the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business


If you are curious about the advantages of cloud computing, you might want to learn a few things from your hosting provider that probably offers a cloud hosting package as well as Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting accounts. Similar in concept to VPS hosting, cloud hosting offered by the best UK hosting providers can be offered at lower costs because the server can literally pick and choose where to send your data to better utilise their resources. There are actually four key ways working in the cloud can benefit your business and of course that’s why all the best hosting providers offer this type of package to their business customers.

1. Keep Operational Costs Lower

Working in the cloud has several advantages but of primary concern to your bottom line is the fact that you don’t need to keep a huge mainframe at your business. Resources can be kept on external servers which eliminates the need to purchase extremely expensive equipment. Instead of a huge internal server, all your business really needs is a computer and perhaps a person on staff who is a bit technologically inclined. Even so, since your files will be kept off-site on remote servers, their techies can walk you through any glitches you may have.

Cloud computing2. Accessible from Any Type of Device

The great thing about working in the cloud is that your documents and data can be accessed from literally any type of computing device whatsoever. Some of your workforce may be out in the field with a laptop or tablet whilst others may be accessing files in the cloud via a smartphone. When your files are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed from any type of device with any type of operating system. In terms of mobile workforces, this means workers in the field can use both iPhone and Android technology with equal ease.

3. Enables Collaboration

Working in the cloud means that you can collaborate much easier with other businesses as well as within various internal departments and teams. No matter whether a team member is in the field or at a desktop, all information can be easily shared with the home office as well as with partners in a venture. This is especially useful for such things as real estate ventures when there may be several organisations involved in a project. You may have investors, contractors, real estate agents and architects all trying to access the same data from various locations so working in the cloud makes that all possible.

4. Accessible 24/7

Another way in which you can benefit by working in the cloud is that your data will be accessible 24/7 every day of the year. You do not need to keep your computers on at the office or whilst away on business because all files will be accessible by anyone with permissions from literally any and every location. Think about the savings in costs this can also offer! Since you no longer will need to keep a mainframe up and running throughout all hours of the day, your energy costs will be reduced as well.
Finally, as a little added ‘bonus,’ working in the cloud means you’ll be working green. By expending less energy to run your business, you will reduce your company’s carbon footprint in the process and customers will love you for your efforts. With all these advantages, working in the cloud will be a virtual dream – no pun intended.


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