Your Guide to the First Areas in Your Home to Sort through when Planning a Move


Planning a move is not an easy task – but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. However, if you are planning your move to a new home or location, you need to be organised. This is where the proper mindset and decision-making plays a big role.

If you would like your move to be as headache-free as possible, it’s best to tackle the most difficult aspects first. And one of the most difficult aspects is your home’s three most cluttered areas: the garage, loft, and paperwork and wardrobe cabinets.

Tackling your garage

If you have a garage, it would make sense to sort through it first. That way, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you are done and still have enough energy to tackle other areas afterwards. Besides, if you are thinking of selling your home and having potential buyers view it, you wouldn’t want them to see a garage that should be a main selling point but which has become a sore spot filled with broken or damaged toys, rusty tools, or broken appliances instead.

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You can sort through your garage by pulling everything out – and with this, we mean everything. Throw away the accumulated rubbish as well as old bottles, old paint, and the like. Then you can begin compartmentalising – mark items you would like to keep, store, or sell, and put these away in strong and sturdy boxes which can be easily stacked.

Tackling your loft

When tackling your loft, it is best to use smaller boxes which can easily fit into the limited space. Sort through the boxes that are already in the loft and tackle each box one by one. Again, place items you would like to keep, store, or sell in three separate boxes, and throw away those you no longer need in the rubbish bin.

Paperwork and wardrobe cabinets/cupboards

Most of us have tonnes of paperwork that have piled up over the years. It’s a big job sorting through the entire thing – so do it methodically as well. It would be a good idea to purchase a shredder, even a small one, so you can eliminate the risk of fraud when you throw away old receipts, bills, and other personal items. Itemise your paperwork – divide them into categories such as bills, receipts, bank statements, and so on. An additional bonus: you can keep your shredded paper as packing material as well.

When sorting through clothes, be analytical and thorough. Ask yourself how long you haven’t used the item and if you can imagine yourself still using it in the future. Again, divide clothing into items you’d like to keep, give away, throw away, or sell. Removals Gloucestershire specialists like Advanced Removals & Storage attest that tackling the above-mentioned tasks first will make your move a much easier endeavour.


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