The Top Three Things to do to Make a Huge Impact at Your Company’s First Tradeshow in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is full of props covered with sparkles, lights, and shine. What I’ve enjoyed about it is the sense you get of being in a fantasy-like world, with special effects drawing many people in. Certainly, people from all over the world will come to this magnificent town and if you are ready with these three impactful methods for selling your products, you will engage the necessary interest it takes to make an impact at your company’s first tradeshow.

1. Those Who Plan are Prepared to Prosper

Planning how to capture people’s interest and encourage them to stop at your booth is critical to selling that product. A boring presentation, especially in a place such as Las Vegas, is not going to stand up to its surroundings. Always remember: you must bring focus to your presentation. Small enhancements to your table or booth can be a helping factor in drawing your audience in. Some may use props that would sell their products.

If you are trying to show how your special knife can slice into tomatoes like they were butter, don’t use props that won’t utilize your product. Provide visuals that will showcase what this knife can do to make the cook’s life easier. In my experience, as you prepare for your presentation, the company Exhibits etc is a great resource for gathering everything you need to make an unforgettable display for your first tradeshow in Vegas.

Las Vegas2. Look and Sound Ready for Success

Props won’t be the only things to draw people to your booth. It’s important that you, the presenter, be dressed appropriately, with a relaxed, approachable attitude that encourages those who are checking out your product to remember what you’re selling. While you don’t want your display to be boring and unattractive, you do want the buyers to know exactly what you are selling so don’t let your booth be confusing.

Once you know you look the part, be certain the words you use in your presentation show that everyone on your team is on the same page. Be scripted, but practiced and natural. Have a closing statement that is catchy and will cause your potential customer to remember what you’ve said .Using the knife again, watch how using keywords within a presentation makes a difference., such as “this magical knife will amaze you as it cuts the toughest of foods without hesitation.”

3. Have Handouts and GiveAways

Having handouts available to give to customers is a great way to put your information in the hands of each person who passes your path. Handouts can be useful for several reasons:

  • Show the flow of the surroundings of the Expo. (Make a map that shows them how to get back to you, should they change their mind later.)
  • Promotional information sells. Anything that would provide information and interest for your product would be advisable to have.
  • Everyone loves giveaways. You may want to provide items to give away, like those pens, mini flashlights, or keyrings with your company name that reminds everyone where to find you and your product. With items like these, you help make your product memorable and whatever you don’t give away at your first tradeshow in Vegas, you can keep for future experiences at tradeshows that you won’t be giving away can be utilized in other future Tradeshows.

Exhibits etc as been producing portable trade show displays for 30 years and is here to provide all your trade show needs.


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