Is the Botox Pen a Good Way to Administer It or Just Dangerous?


Many people pursue to remain young and beautiful, from visits to the hair salon to plastic surgery. Cosmetic medicine offers alternatives for those who want an appearance improvement without going for the full surgery, like Botox fillers. This popular treatment consists of an injection of a toxin that temporarily paralyzes the muscle into which it is injected, creating a smoothing effect on the skin over the muscle. Since Botox is a toxin with such power, the only way of it being applied safely is by a professional Botox surgeon at clinics the same as, however people are always looking for shortcuts to save time and money.

It has caught attention a new invention called Juvapen, it is a device used with the disposable syringe that is set to inject a precise amount of Botox without the need of doing it manually, the main purpose of this is making the application more accurate and eliminating the possibilities of side effects due to overdose and allegedly there is a less painful way to apply the botulinum toxin.

The Dangers of the Botox Pen

Despite it appearing to be a great medical advance, many people can be misled by a false sense of precision and actually perform Botox injections to themselves and to others without taking in account that the device is set by the person handling the syringe, if that person does not know the right quantity and the exact spots where Botox should be injected, it could be the disastrous pathway to another DIY Botox treatment horror story.

Botox penWhen you consider Botox, think it is not only about how much you inject it is also about where and the particular needs of each patient, so it requires certain level of knowledge of human anatomy, experience and artistry, that can be the difference between a weird looking face with a natural looking result.

The most worrying part of having Botox applied by people without medical training in the field of cosmetic medicine is this can be very harmful, since it is a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, causal agent of a fatal disease called botulism, and the most lethal toxin existing. A bad application of Botox in the worst case scenario, can spread the toxin in the organism and cause botulism like symptoms such as: muscle weakness, vision problems, problems swallowing or breathing and loss of bladder control. The symptoms can appear within days or weeks after the Botox treatment and can lead the person to Intensive Care or even Death.

Another problem with inexperienced injectors and not doctors is they might obtain Botox illegally and it adds other risks beyond a bad application: the Botox can be false and you can be injecting something else you don’t know what it is, it can be contaminated, bad refrigerated, etc., the numbers of risk of self-injecting or having Botox injected with somebody different from a plastic surgeon definitely surpass the list of cero benefits of it, so it is not worth it risking the health for the false illusion of getting beauty more easily and less expensive.

A Note on Fraudulent Cosmetic Procedures

The plastic surgery specialty has always been the object of fraud because this massive problem victimizes a lot of innocent people. Dentist, nurses, beauty therapists and even hairdressers think they have the capability of injecting Botox as it is perceived like something easy to perform and the mean to take advantage of the popularity of this cosmetic procedure. A device to help beginners to make “a better job” could trigger a larger scale problem of fraud in cosmetic procedures and increase the number of victims of this scourge.

The only people certificated to inject Botox for cosmetic purposes is a Plastic Surgeon, and even surgeons can make mistakes, if you are thinking of getting any cosmetic procedure make sure to conduct your own research and check the background of the doctor and if it is licensed or any certification and its facilities are accredited, that is always a good sign because it means the doctors has training in the field, also is a good idea to know other patients of the doctor and its experience and if the practitioner makes you feel comfortable.

The Botox pen is probably an unnecessary invention. The alleged benefits of the device mean nothing in the hands of an expert, who can perform the procedure precisely, tastefully, making it as comfortable as a needle in the face can be and most importantly, without being life threatening.


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